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The Man Box
A Study on Being a Young Man in the US, UK, and Mexico
men  feminism  UK  USA  Mexico  society  psychology  mental-health 
august 2017 by swampers
How ‘The Craft’ empowered a generation of teen misfits
(Used to own this on VHS. Need to replace it with a DVD I think.)
movies  feminism  witchcraft 
july 2017 by swampers
Anita Sarkeesian's astounding 'garbage human' moment
Just a reminder that this Gamergate shit is still going
feminism  sexism  videogames  gaming  abuse 
june 2017 by swampers
'Glow' Star Betty Gilpin: What It's Like To Have Pea-Sized Confidence With Watermelon-Sized Boobs
And I quickly learned big boobs have the effect of announcing your presence in a room as if you're cradling Gilbert Godfrey singing the opening to the "Circle of Life."
feminism  movies  acting 
june 2017 by swampers
Meghan Trainor interview: 'I want to be an icon'
So down to earth - I have an ever-increasing amount of respect for her and her music.
music  feminism 
may 2016 by swampers

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