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Snake Heart
"...a patient who presented with chest pain and was found to have a coronary circulation and myocardial architecture resembling that of reptiles."
atavism  biology  evolution  medicine  wow 
july 2017 by swampers
Solving the heroin overdose mystery
"Heroin, like other opiates, depresses activity in the brain centre that controls breathing" - I did not know this
drugs  overdose  psychology  medicine  death 
june 2017 by swampers
Going off of antidepressants will make you feel worse than depressed
Currently experiencing this with paroxetine (aka Paxil) - I do NOT recommend it.
medicine  depression 
may 2017 by swampers
The organs that we are reluctant to donate
My father's corneas were the only part of him undamaged enough from a life of hard living to donate. Every little bit helps.
medicine  physiology  organ-donation 
september 2016 by swampers

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