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GitHub - dexteryy/spellbook-of-modern-webdev: A Big Picture, Thesaurus, and Taxonomy of Modern JavaScript Web Development
spellbook-of-modern-webdev - A Big Picture, Thesaurus, and Taxonomy of Modern JavaScript Web Development
web  guides  development 
june 2017 by synergyfactor
The Skeptic’s Guide To Low-Fidelity Prototyping | Smashing Magazine
Laura Bursche shows you the practice behind integrating low-fidelity prototypes in design, covering graphic, web and UX design, business and service design.
prototyping  development  ui 
october 2014 by synergyfactor
Varying-Vagrant-Vagrants/VVV · GitHub
VVV - Varying Vagrant Vagrants is an evolving Vagrant configuration focused on WordPress development.
wordpress  vagrant  development 
july 2014 by synergyfactor
How much should a custom WordPress website cost?
Here are real numbers and considerations for judging what a custom WordPress website should cost. I also give notes for consultants and clients to consider during the proposal and estimating process.
design  pricing  wordpress  development  client  business 
july 2014 by synergyfactor
Home | CouchCMS - A simple and Open-Source CMS for web designers
CouchCMS - A simple, light-weight and open-source CMS for web designers
cms  webdev  development 
may 2014 by synergyfactor
BoltsFramework/Bolts-Android · GitHub
Bolts-Android - Bolts is a collection of low-level libraries designed to make developing mobile apps easier.
android  development 
january 2014 by synergyfactor - Get by Without an RTOS
Get by Without an RTOS
May be able to adapt to Picbasic Pro
embedded  rtos  programming  c  development  picbasic 
september 2009 by synergyfactor

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