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Now - ZEIT
Global Serverless Deployments
hosting  serverless 
may 2019 by synergyfactor
1MB is a free and easy static website host.
webdesign  free  hosting  static  minimal 
april 2019 by synergyfactor
The Cloud Is Just Someone Else's Computer
a blog by Jeff Atwood on programming and human factors
hosting  cloud 
february 2019 by synergyfactor
Hosting your static site with AWS S3, Route 53, and CloudFront

Some time ago I decided to stop freeloading on GitHub pages and move my static page for to Amazon Web Services (AWS). It turns out that I’m still mostly freeloading (yay free tier) so it amounted to a learning experience. Here are the components that let me host and serve the site at my custom domain with HTTPS.
Static site in Amazon Web Services S3 bucket Route 53 handling the DNS CloudFront for distribution and a custom SSL certificate I set all that up most of a ...
s3  hosting  static  free  aws 
may 2018 by synergyfactor
How to choose WordPress hosting (2015 edition)
If you're wondering how to choose WordPress hosting, here's my quick guide - the 2015 edition.
wordpress  hosting 
april 2015 by synergyfactor
VPSComp - Compare VPS from your country in a second!
Compare worlds best Virtual Private Servers and choose the right one in a minute with your local currency, from your country.
vps  comparison  hosting 
march 2015 by synergyfactor

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