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Lessons from 6 software rewrite stories – Herb Caudill – Medium
Almost two decades ago, Joel Spolsky excoriated Netscape for rewriting their codebase in his landmark essay Things You Should Never Do. He concluded that a functioning application should never, ever…
software  rewrite  programming  business 
9 weeks ago by synergyfactor
Initialization in C++ is Seriously Bonkers - No TV and No Beer
I was recently reminded of why I think it’s a bad idea to teach beginners C++. It’s a bad idea because it is an objective mess–albeit a beautiful, twisted, t...
c++  initialization  programming 
january 2019 by synergyfactor
Working with timezones | David Turner says…
I do enjoy thinking about some of the strange things that can happen with time and timezones and it can be amusing, and occasionally useful, to read some lists of counterexamples to reasonable-sounding statements about time, but it’s hard to actually get stuff done with this information alone. All those counterexamples might leave you thinking that dealing with timezones is basically impossible to get right, whereas in fact it’s not that difficult once you draw the right pictures. I ...
timezones  timezone  programming 
august 2018 by synergyfactor
Essential C
Stanford CS Education Library: A 45 page summary of all the common features and techniques for the C language.
programming  c  tutorial 
october 2017 by synergyfactor
Three Computer Games That Make Assembly Language Fun - IEEE Spectrum
<i>Human Resource Machine</i>, <i>TIS-100</i>, and <i>Shenzhen&nbsp;I/O</i> teach low-level coding
assembly  games  programming 
may 2017 by synergyfactor
Learn C Programming With 9 Excellent Open Source Books - OSS Blog
Books are very personal things. And programming books are no exception. We all form bonds with programming books that help master the rudiments of a language, and then be able to move on to fully exploit the language's flexibility. I have carefully considered the open source C books that are closest to my heart. I…
book  c  programming  free 
february 2017 by synergyfactor
Lessons learned writing highly available code — Imgur Engineering — Medium
After more than two years at Imgur, I’ve had to learn a lot about the principles behind writing highly-available (but no…
programming  availability 
october 2015 by synergyfactor
Programmer's Guide to XYZ, RGB
The 'Completely Painless Programmer's Guide to XYZ, RGB' was written in the hope that it might be of use to technically savvy people who know a whole lot about the code and the mathematics that goes into making an image editing program, but perhaps not so much about color spaces and ICC profiles.
color  programming  rgb 
september 2015 by synergyfactor
stronglink/ at master · btrask/stronglink · GitHub
stronglink - A searchable, syncable, content-addressable notetaking system
c  tips  programming 
september 2015 by synergyfactor
Embed with Elliot: The Volatile Keyword
volatile static usage with embedded processors
c  programming  embedded 
august 2015 by synergyfactor
Lessons Learned in Software Development | Henrik Warne's blog
Here is my list of heuristics and rules of thumb for software development that I have found useful over the years:   Development 1. Start small, then extend. Whether creating a new system, or adding a feature to an existing system, I always start by making a very simple version with almost none of the required functionality.…
software  programming 
april 2015 by synergyfactor
Replacing Photoshop With NSString - The Guinea Pig in the Cocoa Mine
Hello, beautiful reddit people! If you like this post, it would be awesome if you’d check my app Findings, a lab notebook app for scientists …
ascii  icons  programming 
march 2015 by synergyfactor
Understanding Bitwise Operators - Tuts+ Code Article
Bitwise operators are those strange looking operators that may look hard to understand... but not any more! This easy to follow article will help you understand what they are and how to use them, with a couple of practical examples as well to show you when and why you'd need them. | Tags: Explanatory, Flash
programming  boolean  bitwise 
march 2015 by synergyfactor
A Software Engineer’s Adventures In Learning Mathematics — Medium
What we hope ever to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence. — Samuel Johnson ¶

Get your fundamentals o…
math  programming  algebra  learning 
february 2015 by synergyfactor
Full Stack Python
Full Stack Python explains each layer of the web application stack, from the server up through the rendering in a user's browser.
python  webdev  programming  tutorial 
july 2014 by synergyfactor
Why Using the Greedy .* in Regular Expressions Is Almost Never What You Actually Want – Marius Schulz
Oftentimes, using .* in a regular expression doesn't yield the results you want. Read about how overly greedy quantifiers account for poor performance and even lead to incorrect matches.
regex  programming 
june 2014 by synergyfactor
A gallery of interesting IPython Notebooks · ipython/ipython Wiki · GitHub
ipython - Official repository for IPython itself. Other repos in the IPython organization contain things like the website, documentation builds, etc.
library  python  ipython  notebook  programming  tutorial 
may 2014 by synergyfactor
30 Python Language Features and Tricks You May Not Know About
A list of Python tips and tricks. See how many of them you already know. Coding, mathematics, and problem solving - by Sahand Saba.
python  tips  programming 
march 2014 by synergyfactor
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