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A Practical Guide to Using rsync - Created by Pete
If you’ve never used rsync before then today is going to be a great day for you. Firstly, rsync is not new it’s been around for quite a while and chances are you’ve already used it without realising. One of the things I use it for most is to sync directories on your local machine (useful for creating backups to external devices) or you can sync with a remote connection.
january 2019 by synergyfactor
Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Rsync
How to make easy, automated snapshot-style backups with rsync and UNIX
january 2019 by synergyfactor Cloud Storage for Offsite Backups offers secure cloud storage on an open standards platform for offsite backup and disaster recovery
january 2019 by synergyfactor
cwRsync - Rsync for Windows |
Enable the powerful rsync on Windows for fast, secure and flexbile synchronization. Client GUI, secure channel wrapper, rsync server are provided as standard. Free edition available.
rsync  windows 
july 2016 by synergyfactor
Acrosync: new rsync client
A native rsync for Windows with Dropbox-like auto upload and Time Machine style backup
backup  rsync 
may 2016 by synergyfactor

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