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Static Site Generator | Nikola
A static website generator written in Python.
static  website  generator  software  opensource  foss  python  cms 
19 hours ago - Mehr Leben für weniger
A shop from the Netherlands offering a wide range of items with daily offers.
shopping  furniture  toys  commercial 
Espressif Systems - Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chipsets and solutions
A manufacturer of (mainly) IOT hardware / boards for makers.
embedded  iot  hardware  shop  board  development  maker  diy 
3 days ago
Endlessly unique generated ambient music.
free  generative  art  service  online  music 
4 days ago
Online service of the Bürgerbüro / Kreisverwaltungsreferat München.
Munich  German  service 
5 days ago
WireGuard: fast, modern, secure VPN tunnel
A modern, secure and fast alternative to OpenVPN. Should be considerably faster and easier than anything else.
vpn  security  network  admin  sysadmin  opensource  foss  software 
6 days ago
Slopes | Tinkersynth
A page where you can generate art.
generative  art  service  free 
8 days ago
Godot Engine - Free and open source 2D and 3D game engine
A free open source game engine, with a studio app, cross OS compilation, 2D / 3D, scripting in a Python-like language, support for Python and other languages, ...
development  engine  game  gamedev  opensource  foss 
8 days ago
5 part Docker series, beginner to master - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
A series of articles to explain the most important concepts for Docker.
docker  howto  tutorial  article 
10 days ago
FontSpace: We love FREE fonts
A site collecting thousands of fonts, also *a lot* of freely available fonts.
font  design  webdesign  layout  collection 
17 days ago
Watterott electronic
A maker shop in Germany. Has good resistive and small displays for Raspberry Pi, fitting also in the TEK cases for the Raspberries.
German  shop  maker  hardware  RaspberryPi  raspi  Raspberry 
18 days ago
Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout
A good reference for the single pins (called GPIO Pinout guide in English; learning something new every day ;-)) on a Raspberry Pi.
electronics  reference  hardware  RaspberryPi  raspi  Raspberry 
18 days ago
teenage engineering – teenage engineering
A shop with interesting products, e.g. synthesizers for your pocket.
electronics  gadget  music  shop  commercial 
19 days ago
Download Center | AospExtended
AOSP-based custom ROM for a lot of devices.
customrom  tweaks  android 
21 days ago
burgerme - Dein Lieferdienst für frische Burger & Salate - Jetzt bestellen!
A delivery service for burgers in Munich. Looks tasty, delivery is probably only for Schwabing.
food  munich  german  shop 
21 days ago
20 Python libraries you aren't using (but should) - O'Reilly Media
A list of Python libraries outside the standard library. Also often with an explained code example.
python  library  list 
22 days ago
boltons — boltons 19.0.1 documentation
A Python library being a collection of often used and useful functions. From caching to formatting to date parsing you will find *a lot* of useful functions.
library  python  opensource  foss 
22 days ago
Vim: help.txt
A HTML version of the vim help files.
vim  help  documentation  online  html 
22 days ago
Data Science News | Data Elixir
A recommendable free newsletter about all things related to data: data science, data mining, data analysis, data visualization, data ...
datascience  newsletter  dataanalysis  datamining  Visualization 
22 days ago
Hiring For Tiny Teams: What We’ve Learned In The Past 2 Years
Some useful hints about the hiring process in small companies.
hiring  hr  hints  howto 
23 days ago
Wohnungspreise in München – Preisentwicklung 2019
Real estate - Prices per square meter in Munich. Completely nuts.
realestate  munich  german  reference 
23 days ago
nachgehakt: Wie bereitet man das eigene digitale Vermächtnis vor? | heise Video
A short how-to / summary on preparing your digital legacy, from c't in German. The related article was published on c't 8/17, page 106.
digital  personal  howto  german  video 
24 days ago
The D3 Graph Gallery – Simple charts made with d3.js
A gallery of charts created with D3.js, here with code and commented.
charts  d3  d3js  reference  code  howto  tutorial 
28 days ago
Data to Viz | A collection of graphic pitfalls
A collection of howtos and caveats (and how to circumvent these) for visualizations.
data  Visualization  howto 
28 days ago
Text to ASCII Art Generator (TAAG)
Converts a text into ASCII art. You can select different fonts, widths, heights, ...
ascii  art  generator  online  service  free 
29 days ago
uwdata/falcon: Brushing and linking for big data
A software for visualizing a big amount of data. With interactive correlated charts. The related paper can be found at [](
bigdata  data  dataanalysis  software  opensource  foss  Visualization 
29 days ago
World's Smallest Phone – World's Smallest Phone
A very small and tiny mobile phone, called Zanco Tiny t1.
phone  mobile  gadget  commercial 
4 weeks ago
POLAR - Easily manage your reading. Tag, annotate, and highlight PDFs and web content. | POLAR - Easily manage your PDFs, web content, and notes.
A opensource multi-platform document manager for managing web content as well as ebooks. Supports tagging, annotating and highlighting.
app  software  opensource  foss  ebook  reader 
4 weeks ago
Service where you can upload your ebooks to read them on multiple devices. Also a shop for ebooks.
ebook  reader  service  online  shop 
4 weeks ago
E-book reader for (Ubuntu-based?) Linux-distributions, focusing on reading usability.
ebook  reader  software  opensource  foss 
4 weeks ago
rhysd/clever-f.vim: Extended f, F, t and T key mappings for Vim.
Vim plugin for easier navigation using just `f` / `F` / `t` / `T` repeatedly.
github  vim  plugin  opensource  foss 
5 weeks ago
Sparkling Logic - Decision Management & Decision Modeling
Commercial software for automating workflows and processes. Hosting [RulesFest 2011- Michael Walsh: A DSL and Rules Engine for Python](
software  commercial  rules  workflow  automation 
5 weeks ago
unblevable/quick-scope: Lightning fast left-right movement in Vim
Vim plugin for easier navigation within a line, extending `f` / `F` /
`t` / `T`. No remapping needed.
plugin  vim  github 
5 weeks ago
justinmk/vim-sneak: The missing motion for Vim
Plugin for vim for quicker navigation within a line. For my needs []( seems to be better, using `f` / `F` / `t` / `T`.
github  plugin  vim  opensource 
5 weeks ago
junegunn/fzf.vim: fzf vim
fzf (fuzzy find) plugin for vim.
github  plugin  vim  opensource 
5 weeks ago
HoloViews — HoloViews
A visualization library for Python. Uses bokeh.
Visualization  python  library  opensource  foss  dataanalysis 
5 weeks ago
Datashader 0.6.9.post10+g2801f34 documentation
A graphics pipeline system for creating meaningful representations of large datasets.
data  visualization  dataanalysis  python  opensource 
5 weeks ago
An open source privatebin-like service / code for sharing passwords (and passwords only). Code: [](
password  privacy  security  opensource  foss  service  online 
5 weeks ago
Monosnap - Free Screenshot Tool
A screenshot tool to write or draw on the captured image.
screenshot  windows  tool  software 
5 weeks ago
ConEmu - Handy Windows Terminal
A handy, comprehensive, fast and reliable terminal window where you may host any console application.
console  shell  terminal  opensource  foss  tool 
5 weeks ago
junegunn/limelight.vim: All the world's indeed a stage and we are merely players
vim-plugin to highlight certain areas of the content. Good for e.g. screencasts.
plugin  vim  writing  opensource  foss  editor 
6 weeks ago
REAPER | Audio Production Without Limits
A DAW with a reasonable price tag for editing audio.
software  commercial  audio  sound  editor  multimedia 
6 weeks ago
rsms/inter: The Inter font family
Free open-source font, especially for user interfaces or websites. Designed for high legibility.
font  github  openfont  opensource  foss  free 
6 weeks ago
Cycling News | Bike Reviews |
Everything around a bike. Tips, tests, howtos, forum, ...
bicycle  bike  test  howto  community 
6 weeks ago
Hallohaus - Die coolste Gadgets der Welt – hallohaus
German (?) shop with all kinds of gadgets or (geeky, but not only) helpful tools.
shopping  german  gadgets  inspiration 
7 weeks ago
Skalierbare, robuste Webanwendungen mit Elixir und Phoenix | heise Developer
A tutorial on creating a simple web app in Elixir by c't (in German).
elixir  erlang  tutorial  phoenix  howto  webdev 
7 weeks ago
ASR33/asciiart at master · hughpyle/ASR33
Software for generating ASCII pictures out of images, using overstrike (multiple printing the same line using only CR without LF).
ascii  software  opensource  foss  generator 
7 weeks ago
Everything You Need To Know About SVG | CSS-Tricks
An extensive free online course with videos with all about SVG.
howto  reference  course  svg  tipp  webdev  graphics 
7 weeks ago
WOWA | Free do whatever you want Music
Samples to be used freely. Nevertheless: always check the license and origin, especially in Germany.
free  music  samples  sound 
7 weeks ago
High-Performance in Python with Zero-Copy and the Buffer Protocol
An article on using the `buffer`-protocol for manipulating big strings in Python.
python  development  howto  performance 
7 weeks ago
The Performance of Traversing a SQL Hierarchy - Simple Talk
How to optimize performance for a hierarchical query in MS SQL Server.
sql  performance  tsql  mssql  tree  howto 
7 weeks ago
Write Freely
A minimalist, federated, open-source blog-software written in Go.
blogging  writing  blog  software  opensource  foss  go  golang 
7 weeks ago
Programming Fonts - Test Drive
A page presenting a lot of freely available fonts especially for programming / development. Inspiring!
coding  development  typography  font  comparison  inspiration  tipp 
8 weeks ago
Mensch -- A coding font
A freely available font, especially for programming / development.
font  free  development 
8 weeks ago
B612 – The font family
A freely available font, developed by Airbus. Designed for high legibility.
font  free  opensource 
8 weeks ago
charles leifer | Monospace Font Favorites
A page presenting many different fonts especially for programming / development.
coding  monospace  font  comparison  inspiration  development 
8 weeks ago
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