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A free, open source service for drawing hand-drawn like diagrams.
Code ist available at [](
diagram  service  online  free  opensource  foss  web 
6 days ago by taffit
A web-GUI for the [SVG Optimizer]( where you can paste an SVG-markup and get an optimized SVG in return to download.
Source code can be found at [](
development  optimization  performance  svg  webdev  service  online  free  gui  web 
5 weeks ago by taffit
An open source proxy and load balancer written in Go.
proxy  devops  opensource  foss  web  software  golang  http 
8 weeks ago by taffit
Envoy Proxy - Home
An open source proxy and load balancer providing easy configuration and one of the highest performances.
proxy  devops  opensource  foss  web  software  tipp  http 
8 weeks ago by taffit
Zero Server - Zero configuration web framework
A framework allowing you to serve pages written with React, Vue, Svelte, Python, … without much hassle configuring it. Based on node.
nodejs  framework  opensource  foss  webdev  web 
december 2019 by taffit
Top Shelf Web Development Training ―
A site dedicated to collecting tutorials about JavaScript, including Vue.js.
learning  tutorial  javascript  webdev  Web  is  free  vuejs  vue 
november 2019 by taffit
A site gathering a lot of hints on how to do special things.
css  webdev  layout  ui  howto  web  html  Inspiration 
september 2019 by taffit
A list of libraries allowing some _quirky_ style to be applied on your page, e.g. a hand-drawn or sketchy appearance.
list  css  webdev  layout  web  opensource  foss  ui  library 
september 2019 by taffit
augmented-ui - Integrate your apps with technology
An opensource UI-library allowing an easy styling of elements into a cyberpunk inspired item.
css  library  opensource  foss  webdesign  web  webdev  ui  layout 
september 2019 by taffit
GoAccess - Visual Web Log Analyzer
A tool written in Golang accessing the nginx-logfiles and providing analytics and charts, either in the terminal or through the browser.
analysis  analytics  sysadmin  admin  web  opensource  golang  foss  nginx 
september 2019 by taffit
Git-backed CMS for Gatsby, Gridsome, Eleventy, Hugo, VuePress, Jekyll, etc. |
A freemium provider for a git-based online editor, i.e. you can edit the files of your git repository (e.g. of a static site generator).
static  cms  editor  web  freemium  git 
august 2019 by taffit
A secure token format for the web.
webdev  security  web  authentication 
august 2019 by taffit
A pattern language for microservices
A good reference for patterns around microservices by Chris Richardson, author of the book [Microservice patterns]( at Manning.
architecture  reference  microservice  webdev  web  howto  pattern  api 
august 2019 by taffit
Round 17 results - TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks
A site collecting performance data on a regular basis for all the Python web frameworks out there.
performance  python  web  webdev  framework 
july 2019 by taffit
Bulma: Free, open source, & modern CSS framework based on Flexbox
A pure CSS-only framework for designing web pages. No JS. Can be used in combination with any JS framework.
framework  css  webdesign  web  layout  opensource  foss 
july 2019 by taffit
hledger: index
hledger is an elegant, versatile accounting program, for tracking money, time, or other commodities using plain text records.
Alternative to [GNUCash](
cli  web  finance  tool  opensource  foss  budget 
june 2019 by taffit
A static site generator written in Python. Contains a dev-server where you can write the Markdown-files directly. Mainly geared towards the creation of documentation, but can be used also for different purpose.
static  Generator  python  web  webdev  opensource  foss  markdown 
may 2019 by taffit
A toolkit for building a rich-text editor for the web, including collaborative editing.
editor  wysiwyg  web  opensource  foss 
may 2019 by taffit
Quill - Your powerful rich text editor
A free, opern source WYSIWIG editor for the web.
editor  text  wysiwyg  web  opensource  foss 
may 2019 by taffit
Medieval Fantasy City Generator by watabou
A generator for creating a medieval city map.
generator  graphic  online  web  map 
september 2018 by taffit
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