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Morioh - Connecting with Programmers and Developers all over the World
A website full of templates, articles about all things webdesign and webdev, templates, tutorials, ... Inspirational!
webdev  webdesign  blog  tutorial  template  layout  inspiration 
7 weeks ago by taffit
Tailwind CSS Components. Examples and templates
Components created with Tailwind CSS available for free.
components  webdesign  webdev  css  free  templates 
11 weeks ago by taffit
Codrops | Useful resources and inspiration for creative minds
An impressive collection of impressive demos on what is possible on the web. Also some articles and code demos. Inspirational.
animation  inspiration  webdev  webdesign 
11 weeks ago by taffit
Storybook: UI component explorer for frontend developers
An opensource software for developing components for the web, using different frameworks, from React and Vue to Svelte.
ui  webdev  webdesign  layout  opensource  foss  JavaScript  components 
11 weeks ago by taffit
The Open Graph protocol
A protocol using some meta-tags that enable your site to become a rich object in a social graph. E.g. a page can easily become a twitter card.
howto  webdev  webdesign  standard 
december 2019 by taffit
Why you should use SVG images: how to animate your SVGs and make them lightning fast
A good article on SVG, why to use it, where it shines and how you can animate it.
svg  howto  webdesign  webdev  animation 
december 2019 by taffit
Responsive YouTube Video Embeds
A how-to on how to embed a YouTube-video in a responsive way.
webdev  layout  howto  html  webdesign  youtube 
december 2019 by taffit
augmented-ui - Integrate your apps with technology
An opensource UI-library allowing an easy styling of elements into a cyberpunk inspired item.
css  library  opensource  foss  webdesign  web  webdev  ui  layout 
september 2019 by taffit
Bulma: Free, open source, & modern CSS framework based on Flexbox
A pure CSS-only framework for designing web pages. No JS. Can be used in combination with any JS framework.
framework  css  webdesign  web  layout  opensource  foss 
july 2019 by taffit
Flutter - Beautiful native apps in record time
A cross-platform, portable UI-toolkit for building native applications for mobile, web and desktop environments. Made by Google.
development  android  mobile  desktop  ui  design  webdesign  layout  framework  crossplatform  OpenSource  foss  google 
may 2019 by taffit
FontSpace: We love FREE fonts
A site collecting thousands of fonts, also *a lot* of freely available fonts.
font  design  webdesign  layout  collection 
march 2019 by taffit
Gravit Designer
Formerly known as (now bought by Corel)
editor  layout  webdesign  design  vector  software  opensource  foss 
september 2018 by taffit
The Anti-hero of CSS Layout - "display:table" |
Good article explaining the difference of html table-tag and the css property display: table.
layout  table  webdev  html  2read  webdesign  howto 
december 2014 by taffit
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