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What The Flexbox?! — A simple 20 video course that will help you master CSS Flexbox
A free series of 20 videos from Wes Bos all around the flexbox model.
webdev  layout  web  online  video  vidcast  free  css 
7 days ago by taffit
Inter font family
A free, open source font with a huge list of features, e.g. fixed vs. variable font files, both possible.
font  free  typography  opensource  foss  webdev  development  layout  tipp 
4 weeks ago by taffit
A web-GUI for the [SVG Optimizer]( where you can paste an SVG-markup and get an optimized SVG in return to download.
Source code can be found at [](
development  optimization  performance  svg  webdev  service  online  free  gui  web 
5 weeks ago by taffit
Morioh - Connecting with Programmers and Developers all over the World
A website full of templates, articles about all things webdesign and webdev, templates, tutorials, ... Inspirational!
webdev  webdesign  blog  tutorial  template  layout  inspiration 
6 weeks ago by taffit
Figma: the collaborative interface design tool.
A freemium online tool for creating UIs in the browser.
collaboration  tool  ui  webdev  service  online  freemium 
6 weeks ago by taffit
Pancake • Charts for Svelte apps
A responsive charting library that doesn't necessarily need JavaScript. Based on Svelte.js.
charts  svelte  webdev  datascience  dataanalysis  sapper  opensource  foss  library 
8 weeks ago by taffit
Tailwind CSS Components. Examples and templates
Components created with Tailwind CSS available for free.
components  webdesign  webdev  css  free  templates 
10 weeks ago by taffit
Codrops | Useful resources and inspiration for creative minds
An impressive collection of impressive demos on what is possible on the web. Also some articles and code demos. Inspirational.
animation  inspiration  webdev  webdesign 
10 weeks ago by taffit
Storybook: UI component explorer for frontend developers
An opensource software for developing components for the web, using different frameworks, from React and Vue to Svelte.
ui  webdev  webdesign  layout  opensource  foss  JavaScript  components 
11 weeks ago by taffit
Zero Server - Zero configuration web framework
A framework allowing you to serve pages written with React, Vue, Svelte, Python, … without much hassle configuring it. Based on node.
nodejs  framework  opensource  foss  webdev  web 
december 2019 by taffit
The Open Graph protocol
A protocol using some meta-tags that enable your site to become a rich object in a social graph. E.g. a page can easily become a twitter card.
howto  webdev  webdesign  standard 
december 2019 by taffit
Why you should use SVG images: how to animate your SVGs and make them lightning fast
A good article on SVG, why to use it, where it shines and how you can animate it.
svg  howto  webdesign  webdev  animation 
december 2019 by taffit
Responsive YouTube Video Embeds
A how-to on how to embed a YouTube-video in a responsive way.
webdev  layout  howto  html  webdesign  youtube 
december 2019 by taffit
Learn CSS in this free 6-hour video course
A free 6-hour video course for learning CSS.
css  learning  tutorial  webdev  free 
december 2019 by taffit
Top Shelf Web Development Training ―
A site dedicated to collecting tutorials about JavaScript, including Vue.js.
learning  tutorial  javascript  webdev  Web  is  free  vuejs  vue 
november 2019 by taffit
An opensource framework / system providing identity and access management. Based on Java.
authentication  webdev  security  opensource  framework  service 
september 2019 by taffit
A site gathering a lot of hints on how to do special things.
css  webdev  layout  ui  howto  web  html  Inspiration 
september 2019 by taffit
A list of libraries allowing some _quirky_ style to be applied on your page, e.g. a hand-drawn or sketchy appearance.
list  css  webdev  layout  web  opensource  foss  ui  library 
september 2019 by taffit
augmented-ui - Integrate your apps with technology
An opensource UI-library allowing an easy styling of elements into a cyberpunk inspired item.
css  library  opensource  foss  webdesign  web  webdev  ui  layout 
september 2019 by taffit
A simple headless cms for editing content online. Similar to Netlify (?).
headless  webdev  cms  opensource  foss  editor  online  selfhosted 
september 2019 by taffit
Setting up Phoenix + PostgreSQL with docker-compose for local development
An article about setting up a Docker-containers for development for Elixir and Phoenix.
elixir  phoenix  docker  development  webdev  howto  container  postgresql 
september 2019 by taffit
A secure token format for the web.
webdev  security  web  authentication 
august 2019 by taffit
A pattern language for microservices
A good reference for patterns around microservices by Chris Richardson, author of the book [Microservice patterns]( at Manning.
architecture  reference  microservice  webdev  web  howto  pattern  api 
august 2019 by taffit
Round 17 results - TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks
A site collecting performance data on a regular basis for all the Python web frameworks out there.
performance  python  web  webdev  framework 
july 2019 by taffit
Punk API - Documentation
A freely available REST-service that can be used for e.g. tutorials or testing or ...
service  online  development  dev  webdev  REST  API  sample  data 
july 2019 by taffit
A static site generator written in Python. Contains a dev-server where you can write the Markdown-files directly. Mainly geared towards the creation of documentation, but can be used also for different purpose.
static  Generator  python  web  webdev  opensource  foss  markdown 
may 2019 by taffit
Home - Minetest
An open source voxel, Minecraft-like game engine.
library  3d  html5  opensource  foss  game  gamedev  webdev  minecraft 
may 2019 by taffit
voxel.js * blocks in yo browser
An opensource 3d voxel, Minecraft-like game-building toolkit for the browser.
library  3d  html5  opensource  foss  game  gamedev  webdev  minecraft 
may 2019 by taffit
the New Dynamic
A site dedicated on collecting all services, CMSs, SSGs, ... around static sites. Useful resource!
static  generator  cms  list  webdev 
april 2019 by taffit
Staticman: Static sites with superpowers
An open source software bringing dynamic content to static pages.
github  static  webdev  comments  blogging  blog  opensource  foss  cms  selfhosting  selfhosted  Software 
april 2019 by taffit
Everything You Need To Know About SVG | CSS-Tricks
An extensive free online course with videos with all about SVG.
howto  reference  course  svg  tipp  webdev  graphics 
january 2019 by taffit
grpc /
A high performance, open-source universal RPC framework.
rpc  development  webdev 
january 2019 by taffit
Python Programming Tutorials
Massive collection of freely available and extensive tutorials on all things Python, from GUI to web to game programming. Also one tutorial on Golang can be found there. Videos + transcripts.
collection  python  tutorial  robotics  gamedev  dataanalysis  webdev  development  pandas  gui  ui  tipp 
november 2018 by taffit
Serveo: expose local servers to the internet using SSH
SSH-tunneling over the internet, for e.g. exposing a local web-servcie over the internet.
remote  ssh  webdev  development  proxy  service  online  selfhosting  freemium 
november 2018 by taffit
SVG Crowbar
Helpful bookmarklet to save any SVG to a file.
bookmarklet  svg  free  opensource  foss  webdev 
november 2018 by taffit
Every elixir video
A list of a lot of conferences related to elixir, erlang, phoenix and co and their videos published.
elixir  erlang  video  development  webdev  links  list  youtube  tipp 
november 2018 by taffit
JSON Web Tokens -
The starting page for JSON Web Tokens. What is JWT, concepts and paradigms and libraries implementing it for all major languages out there.
authentication  json  security  webdev 
may 2018 by taffit
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