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Based on Scuttlebutt
10 weeks ago by tamberg
The Internet of Beefs
Online public spaces are now being slowly taken over by beef-only thinkers, as the global culture wars evolve into a stable, endemic, background societal condition of continuous conflict.
social  future 
10 weeks ago by tamberg
Why WhatsApp Became a Hotbed for Rumors and Lies in Brazil | WIRED
it’s “word of mouth at scale.” [...] that’s the real problem.
algo  social 
december 2018 by tamberg
You Can Now Beg for Money on Facebook
One of the most dystopian trends in recent years is the crowdsourcing of emergency expenses online.
social  future 
april 2017 by tamberg
I Found Out My Secret Internal Tinder Rating And Now I Wish I Hadn’t | Fast Company | The Future Of Business
Referred to inside the company as an “Elo score,” a term the chess world uses to rank player skill levels, Tinder’s rating system helps it parse its user base in order to facilitate better matches. [...] It was one thing to know my Uber rating, but did I really want to know my Elo score on Tinder?
march 2017 by tamberg
4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump – Medium
Trump’s younger supporters know he’s an incompetent joke; in fact, that’s why they support him. [...] The original comic panels from which Pepe is excerpted feature him getting caught peeing with his pants pulled all the way down, his ass hanging out. Surprisingly, he is unashamed of this, “feels good man” he tells his roommate.
The grotesque, frowning, sleepy eyed, out of shape, swamp dweller, peeing with his pants pulled down because-it-feels-good-man frog is an ideology, one which steers into the skid of its own patheticness. Pepe symbolizes embracing your loserdom, owning it. That is to say, it is what all the millions of forum-goers of 4chan met to commune about. It is, in other words, a value system, one reveling in deplorableness and being pridefully dispossessed. It is a culture of hopelessness, of knowing “the system is rigged”. But instead of fight the response is flight, knowing you’re trapped in your circumstances is cause to celebrate. For these young men, voting Trump is not a solution, but a new spiteful prank. [...] Trump embodies buying the losing bet that will never be placed.
He is both despair and cruel arrogant dismissal, the fantasy of winning and the pain of losing mingled into one potion.
For this reason, the left should stop expecting Trump’s supporters to be upset when he doesn’t fulfill his promises.
Support for Trump is an acknowledgement that the promise is empty.
He is both the “promise” (the labyrinth”, the “alpha”) and the empty center (“the promise betrayed”, the “beta”), in a sublime, hilarious, combination that perfectly reflects the worldview of his supporters.
february 2017 by tamberg
Airbnb’s Nondiscrimination Policy: Our Commitment to Inclusion and Respect | Airbnb Help Center
"Hosts who demonstrate a pattern of rejecting guests from a protected class (even while articulating legitimate reasons), undermine the strength of our community by making potential guests feel unwelcome, and Airbnb may suspend hosts who have demonstrated such a pattern from the Airbnb platform."
algo  legal  social  future 
october 2016 by tamberg
OHS 2016 - Session 1 - Morning
Allison Parrish on Levy's Hacker Ethic
ThingSoc embedis Key Value Store
OpenMV Fail / Success
Caroline Sinders
opensource  hardware  startup  hack  diy  machine-learning  social 
october 2016 by tamberg
Why You Want Your Drone to Have Emotions - IEEE Spectrum
Adventurer hero drone! Researchers create emotional drone flight patterns. (Where is the @drunkenpredator drone?)
uav  social  future 
march 2016 by tamberg
Trouble at the Koolaid Point — Serious Pony
Twitter, for all its good, is a hate amplifier.
october 2014 by tamberg
Evgeny Morozov: How much for your data?
Silicon Valley, always quick to capitalise on counterculture, appropriated the communal gift-oriented rhetoric of earlier efforts to transcend the neoliberal agenda, presenting start-ups like Uber and Airbnb as part of the “sharing economy” — the utopian future beloved by anarchists and libertarians, where individuals can deal with each other directly, bypassing large intermediaries. What we are witnessing, however, is the replacement of service intermediaries, like taxi companies, with information intermediaries like Uber — which is backed by those admirers of anarchy, Goldman Sachs. [...] Those refusing this would have only themselves to blame. [...] Opting out from the “sharing economy” would come to be seen as economic sabotage and wasteful squandering of precious resources that could accelerate growth. Eventually, the refusal to “share” becomes tinged with as much guilt as the refusal to save or work or pay debts, with a veneer of morality covering up — once again — exploitation.
iot  social  privacy 
august 2014 by tamberg
The tech utopia nobody wants: why the world nerds are creating will be awful | JR Hennessy | Comment is free |
The backlash against Glass is the implied rejection of the kind of casual sociopathy which leads a person to become a surveillance camera, to put a computer between themselves and their every interaction with other people. The philosophy of Glass is inward looking. It improves the life of the wearer at the expense of those around them.
future  social  iot  privacy 
august 2014 by tamberg
Alex Payne — Dear Marc Andreessen
The pushback is on exploitative business models, not technology.
social  future 
june 2014 by tamberg
Unreasonable at Sea is an experiment in the power of entrepreneurship to solve seemingly intractable social & environmental challenges.
social  startup 
june 2014 by tamberg
Digital Social Innovation (PDF)
we define Digital Social Innovation (DSI) as ‘a type of social and collaborative innovation in which innovators, users and communities collaborate using digital technologies to co-create knowledge and solutions for a wide range of social needs and at a scale that was unimaginable before the rise of the Internet’.
diy  social  innovation 
may 2014 by tamberg
funf | Open Sensing Framework
an extensible sensing and data processing framework for mobile devices being developed at the MIT Media Lab. The core concept is to provide an open source, reusable set of functionalities, enabling the collection, uploading, and configuration of a wide range of data types.
iot  social  android  sensor 
january 2012 by tamberg
helps you discover and keep track of your favorite things on the web.
twitter  social 
june 2011 by tamberg
TweetForm » UbiMash
Combining parametric design and social network for mass collaborative form finding.
social  3d  art 
june 2011 by tamberg
Rymble | Your social Internet object
Congrats to @simplio for launching #Rymble - a Web connected object customizable with 3D printed skins...
iot  fabbing  social  facebook 
june 2011 by tamberg
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