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WTF, forms?
mdo's "Friendier HTML forms controls, with a little CSS magic
web-development  forms  style  css 
7 hours ago
index | Alpine Linux
small, security-focused linux distro
linux  security 
4 days ago
"Develop, test, and deploy your secure static or dynamic personal web site with zero configuration."
static-site-generator  static-sites  javascript  node  server 
4 days ago
Xtext - Language Engineering Made Easy!
"Xtext is a framework for development of programming languages and domain-specific languages. With Xtext you define your language using a powerful grammar language. As a result you get a full infrastructure, including parser, linker, typechecker, compiler as well as editing support for Eclipse, any editor that supports the Language Server Protocol and your favorite web browser. "
parser  expando  compilers  IDE  DSL 
5 days ago
Jamalot -
the Wernicke method for learning Bluegrass jamming basics
music  banjo  learning 
5 days ago
Jitsi Meet
free, open source WebRTC meetings
video  open-source  collaboration  meetings  remote-work 
6 days ago
Emergency Website Kit | CSS-Tricks
"Here’s an outstanding idea from Max Böck. He’s created a boilerplate project for building websites that fit within a single HTTP request. This is extremely important for websites that contain critical information for public safety. "
coronavirus  web-development  open-source  emergency- 
7 days ago | Guitar Chords
nicely styled chord and scale finder app
music  music-mage  music-theory  guitar  app 
11 days ago
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