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TechLetter.App - Build Better Newsletters
"A #24hrstartup that helps you build better technical newsletters.
Write markdown, get newsletter. 🧙‍

🐦 Tweets, 📹 YouTube, 🎨 images, and 🤖 code turn into thumbnails.
Save 15+ minutes per newsletter 🤘"
email  newsletters  marketing  markdown 
june 2019 by techpeace
some kind of online advertising management service
marketing  advertising  business 
october 2016 by techpeace
A guide to independently launching iOS apps.
mobile-development  iOS  marketing  business 
april 2015 by techpeace
Meridian | Build a better mobile app
Integrate location-based beacons into your mobile apps
marketing  beacons  mobile-development 
november 2014 by techpeace
A set of tools from AppSumo for Internet marketing
marketing  business  tools 
august 2014 by techpeace

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