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The Household Work Men and Women Do, and Why - The New York Times
Men are more likely than ever to embrace the idea of gender equality, but when it comes to the home front, traditional values dominate.
7 weeks ago
Tidy data
It is often said that 80% of data analysis is spent on the cleaning and preparing data. And it’s not just a first step, but it must be repeated many times over the course of analysis as new problems come to light or new data is collected. To get a handle on the problem, this paper focuses on a small, but important, aspect of data cleaning that I call data tidying: structuring datasets to facilitate analysis.

The principles of tidy data provide a standard way to organise data values within a dataset. A standard makes initial data cleaning easier because you don’t need to start from scratch and reinvent the wheel every time. The tidy data standard has been designed to facilitate initial exploration and analysis of the data, and to simplify the development of data analysis tools that work well together. Current tools often require translation. You have to spend time munging the output from one tool so you can input it into another. Tidy datasets and tidy tools work hand in hand to make data analysis easier, allowing you to focus on the interesting domain problem, not on the uninteresting logistics of data.
january 2020
Mary Beard’s ungodly workload – the 100-hour working week | Books | The Guardian
What is she doing all that time? Lecturing, teaching, writing, interviewing Hillary Clinton, going on telly … Quite a lot is replying to messages from students. “I outsource cleaning, I confess,” she says. “My retired husband does the shopping and ‘maintenance’.”
academia  women 
november 2019
Female academics: don't power dress, forget heels – and no flowing hair allowed | Education | The Guardian
The unspoken dress-codes of academia are simply a reflection of the wider policing of women’s bodies in other professional contexts in western society. No matter what their occupation, women are still frequently held to account for their appearance, rather than only their expertise and experience.
november 2019
Novel Houses by Christina Hardyment review – famous fictional dwellings | Books | The Guardian
Not all fictional houses are made out of deep feeling. Some, indeed, are purposefully built from paper.
house  guardian 
october 2019
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