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Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons is a real thing / Boing Boing
You can pre-order an official Dungeons and Dragons/Stranger Things RPG, packaged like a pre-distressed Red Box Basic D&D box, including a (barely) painted and unpainted demogorgon mini, character sheets, a starter campaign, a rulebook, and a set of polyhedral dice: $25 at Big Bad Toy Store. I've been recreating my perfect RPG shelf in pieces,…
6 days ago
Maptitude GIS and Mapping Software
Option 2? Maybe? Waiting on the free trial. we'll find out.

Pro: Looks pretty sophisticated. Offline program.
Supposedly offers unlimited geocoding (not sure how that's possible or if it's rate-limited or something)

Con: ??

$695 flat for 2018 version.
Upgrades later (including some types of data) cost.
14 days ago
Batch Geocoding Software
Maptitude batch geocoding software gives you start-to-finish assistance for mapping your data for just US$695
14 days ago
Geocodio vs Google Maps Geocoding | Geocodio Help Center
Geocodio has a simple, flat-rate, month-to-month Unlimited option that is $750 per month, or $8,550 if paid annually (5% discount). There is no annual contract required. This plan gives you a private, dedicated instance of Geocodio, and enables you to process up to 4.8M lookups per day (which is the capability of the hardware). 

Google does not make their high-volume prices transparent.
14 days ago
eSpatial Sales Territory Mapping Software - Free Trial
This was close, but not flexible enough for the price
21 days ago
Custom Map Creator & Map Maker | Maptive
Option 1.

pro: simple and effective. import locations, draw a territory on a map, export data from that territory.

con: geocoding is limited even on team subscription, so would have to be supplemented with a geocoding service (like the flat rate one I found).

1 user: 1250/year subscription (so about a hundred and change a month)
Not excessively expensive for what it offers.

multi-user: 2500/year subscription 5 users more geocoding more maps.
21 days ago
networking - Make Windows 7 ignore WiFi when ethernet is available - Super User
It's on Windows 7, but it's pretty well hidden.

Go to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings -> The hit Alt to get the menu and choose Advanced -> Advanced Settings.

Then you can re-order your connections in that list.

Although Windows should already automatically prefer your wired over your wireless connection. It chooses what adapter to use based on the lowest interface metric, and a wirelesss connection should have a higher metric than your wired. Run route print from the command prompt to see that.
5 weeks ago
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