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Tesla teardown finds electronics 6 years ahead of Toyota and VW - Nikkei Asian Review
big automakers apparently feel obliged to continue using complicated webs of dozens of ECUs, while we only found a few in the Model 3. Put another way, the supply chains that have helped today's auto giants grow are now beginning to hamper their ability to innovate.
tesla  teardown  electronics  platform  car  ecosystem 
How clever is it to dismiss IQ tests? | Aeon Ideas
Some dismiss IQ tests as a point of principle, but it’s foolish to ignore this unique tool for measuring intelligence
IQ  psy  aeon 
David Brooks: The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake - The Atlantic
The family structure we’ve held up as the cultural ideal for the past half century has been a catastrophe for many. It’s time to figure out better ways to live together.
family  community  culture  life  sociology 
2 days ago
How Goop’s Haters Made Gwyneth Paltrow’s Company Worth $250 Million - The New York Times
Inside the growth of the most controversial brand in the wellness industry.
Goop  Harvard 
2 days ago
Everything Is OK in Goop Lab | The New Republic
The Netflix show with Gwyneth Paltrow conjures a fantasy of living without friction or anguish.
2 days ago
A 3D Hentai Camgirl Is Taking Over Chaturbate, and Human Models Are Worried - VICE
ProjektMelody says she's an AI embodiment of an anime cam model—and has amassed thousands of followers in just three days of streaming.
2 days ago
A thing of beauty and permanence in an age of transience. Since 1998.
asmr  huwlemmey 
3 days ago
On Millennial Occultism – 𝕿𝖍𝖊𝖓𝖆𝖓𝖎𝖒
I will be honest: approaching "the occult" from the perspective of a millennial has led me on a long and painful path of misunderstandings. Not all of them have been unproductive, but I would lie if I told you that I haven't suffered from them. Inside each millenial occult worker, there are two wolves: the…
occult  Millennials  magic  Witchcraft 
3 days ago
JYP 2.0 - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content and share it all with friends, family and the world on YouTube.
4 days ago
100 Best Emo Songs of All Time
Who are the best emo bands ever? That’s a tricky question, since the genre itself has a slippery definition. We looked back at 35 years of emo rock music to figure the 100 best songs.
emo  songs  hardcore  100  top  alltime 
4 days ago
Old Musicians Never Die. They Just Become Holograms. - The New York Times
Companies are making plans to put droves of departed idols on tour — reanimating a live-music industry whose biggest earners will soon be dying off.
VR  simulation  tech  music  lilmiquela 
4 days ago
Virtual pop star Hatsune Miku makes a real impact at the Brixton Academy | Financial Times
This London show from the holographic character points a way towards the future of fandom
4 days ago
The Feynman Technique: How to Learn Anything Quickly
Use the Feynman Technique to learn anything. Borrow Nobel Prize winning Richard Feynman's tips and tricks for understanding complex concepts.
learning  productivity 
6 days ago
The PARA Method: A Universal System for Organizing Digital Information | Praxis
Imagine for a moment the perfect organizational system. One that supported and enhanced the work you do, telling you exactly where to put a piece of information, and exactly where to find it when you needed it. This system would have to be: universal, encompassing any conceivable kind of information from any source flexible, able…
productivity  gtd  organization  knowledge  focus  para  company  landasplatform 
7 days ago
How Artists Are Using PowerPoint to Critique Rhetorical Strategies –
Many artists—David Byrne, Tan Lin, Linda Dong, Tony Cokes—use PowerPoint as a medium to comment on managerialism and information labor.
powerpoint  art  presentation  slides 
7 days ago
Deming's 14 Points: Total Quality Management Principles | ASQ
Deming's 14 Points is a total quality management (TQM) concept focused on implementing TQM. Learn more about Dr. Deming's 14 points at
deming  quality  control  company 
7 days ago
Our Artificial Wilderness: Virtual Beauty and Ecological Decay - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content and share it all with friends, family and the world on YouTube.
cade  diehm  games  open  worlds  gta  newmodels  new  design  congress 
7 days ago
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content and share it all with friends, family and the world on YouTube.
Solar  mirror  youtube  channel  green  science 
7 days ago
Sheila Simkin - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content and share it all with friends, family and the world on YouTube.
shelia  simkin  travel  blogger  blogging  vloggers  holiday  holidayideas 
8 days ago
Ask the fellows who cut the hay
We live in a time when our countryside is under threat and we yokels are oppressed. Admittedly it is no new phenomenon_ We have endured -The Norman invasion, the reformation, the enclosures act, the corn laws and their repeal, Jethro Tull, Horse power to steam power to diesel power all in one generation. Science. Scien
runesoup  hedge  conversation 
8 days ago
Extreme cold is bringing humans back from the brink of death | WIRED UK
When people are shot or stabbed, and lose half their blood, they have a five per cent chance of survival. But an experimental procedure could beat those desperate odds
stasis  future  health  surgery  freezing  body 
12 days ago
Business Presentation Templates | Free Downloads | Slidebean
100+ business presentation templates available as a free PDF download. From pitch decks to client proposals, investor updates and a company profile template. Slides can be edited in Slidebean, with a fill-in-the blank interface that uses artificial intelligence to arrange the content.
13 days ago
The hidden biases that drive anti-vegan hatred - BBC Future
People love to moan about vegans: research shows only drug addicts inspire the same loathing. Now psychologists may understand why – and the reasoning isn't entirely rational.
meat  vegan  veganism  psychology  politics  future 
14 days ago
BuyMeOnce | Selling Products That Are Built To Last | BuyMeOnce UK
BuyMeOnce sells durable, long-lasting products. Visit our webshop and join the mission to save our planet and money by changing the way we shop forever.
environment  shopping  ecommerce  heritage  longlife  procurement  products  sustainable  zero-waste 
16 days ago
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