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Great Java - O'Reilly Media
A learning opportunity for colleagues who don't yet know Java.
programming  media  java  video  tutorial  training  teaching  oreilly  example  work  development 
november 2009
Hisense 1080p Media Player Register Hardware
Solid build and with a clean simple responsive user interface provided by this cheap box that attaches to your TV for viewing and listening of video, photos and audio that reside on devices and machines on your local home network.
media  player  computing  standalone  non-pc  nonpc  dedicated  device  video  audio  photo  digital  home  network  cheap  lowcost  review  article  1080p  hdtv  iptv  internet  protocol  television  streaming  consumer  gadget 
november 2009
Apache log files - per site log files
The location of error.log and access.log files of apache on debian linux.
apache  apache2  server  debian  log  error  location  path  file  computing  whereto  whereis  web  internet  linux  distribution 
november 2009
Quiesce - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Technique to allow upgrade of software without existing running software changing the dataset. So that unpredictable behaviour or corruption do not occur
quiesce  definition  computerscience  computer  science  backup  upgrade  safety  data  integrity  technique  industry  method  work  race  condition  racecondition  prevention  consistency  computing 
november 2009
:: Web Black :: [BETA] :: Brazil's Urban Music Internet Radio
Brazil's equivalent of BBC 1Xtra or Choice FM in the UK. Listen via PC, Revo Internet Radio devices and Nokia phones and perhaps other devices too
radio  brasil  web  black  internet  brazil  urban  music  south  america  southamerica  latin  portuguese  language  mobile 
november 2009
BBC NEWS | Health | Depression link to processed food
"3,500 middle-aged civil servants" surveyed. Perhaps their occupation and possible mid-life crisis are more to blame than diet?
health  psychology  depression  survey  research  diet  food  mental 
november 2009
Dia a drawing program
A free opensource drawing program for process flow charts supporting a number of symbol and graphic conventions, e.g. uml. Will also open the .vdx visio xml file format successfully!
software  tool  diagram  diagramming  drawing  schematic  symbol  flowchart  process  design  graphics  free  opensource  open  source  graph  modeling  application  freeware  vdx  reader  edit  editor  visio  xml  equivalent  format  uml  visualisation  visualization  work  computing  file  convert  converter 
october 2009
Google Web Toolkit - Google Code
Includes web-UI building block libraries,Java to JavaScript compiler to provide Desktop-like browser-based AJAX-based applications and IDE plugins to automate in a visual programming environment e.g. for Eclipse. An opportunity for Java-only programmers to add to their skillset and move into JavaScript.
ajax  google  api  framework  webdev  dev  toolkit  opensource  design  internet  code  library  css  html  tool  web  reference  java  development  programming  gwt  dhtml  javascript  webdesign  software  free  desktop  window  widget  transition  migrate  skill  skillset  augment  convert  compile  crosscompile  eclipse  ide  integrated  environment  plugin  ui  ux  interface  user  computing  work  career  automate 
october 2009
Jimmy Carr's soldier joke needs no apology | Bruce Dessau | Stage |
"Say what you like about these servicemen amputees from Iraq and Afghanistan, but we're going to have a fucking good Paralympic team in 2012." "Carr was not mocking war heroes, but underlining the horrific injuries of young soldiers on the front line. And I'm bored of these red top witch-hunts that pluck a line out of an act and often out of context and try to whip up controversy."
jimmycarr  paralympics  war  military  joke  soldier  injury  limb  loss  article  comedy  controversy  debate  quote  performance  context 
october 2009
Viridor London Recycling
Recycle your CD/DVDs by post, drop-off or collection at/to: 4D North Crescent, Cody Road, London E16 4TG, 020 7511 8000, 01823 721400. They melt them down and the plastic is re-used for other things
business  london  polymer  polycarbonate  substrate  secure  environment  recycling  recycle  green  howto  cd  dvd  plastic  meltdown  dvd-r  dvd+r  dvd+rw  dvd-rw  dvd-ram  cd-r  cd-rw  optical  disc  used  burner  recordable  record  writer  disposal  re-use  reuse  contact  address  post  dispatch  deliver  uk  england  public  service  europe  location  telephone  free  consumer  collection  drop-off  dropoff 
october 2009
Cornish 'terrorists' declare war on students - Telegraph
Students vs the locals. Perhaps the real issue is segregation and the melancholy of lost permanence where familiarity is transient as students come and go. Them and us. What could be done for these separate communities to integrate? Why are there differences? Aren't we all students in some capacity?
october 2009
National Rail Enquiries - Mobile
Simple, fast version of national rail enquiries: works equally well on mobile and full desktop.
uk  web  internet  mobile  transport  train  timetable  journey  planner  plan  route  station  railway  network  national  fast  useful  simple  tool 
october 2009
Re: Assign a delimiter variable -
my $delimiter = "\\"; # for dos
my @pathComponents = split( /\Q$delimiter/, $pathAndFile );

The /\Q is so obscure. Yet another example of perl's obscurity; other languages would just accept the delimiter as parameter without that nonsense
assign  delimiter  variable  perl  split  howto  define  programming  computing  solution  array  string  convert  separate  separation  separator  character  obscure  bizarre  example  linenoise  difficult  nonsense  reference 
october 2009
XCOPY command : Using the /EXCLUDE flag | Batch file programming | Tech-Recipes
Dos shell xcopy comman exclude option flag is limited: it appears that no wildcarded folder trees can be specified nor general regex matching.
tutorial  dos  batch  xcopy  exclude  microsoft  command  commandline  line  dosshell  utility  copy  file  directory  folder  work 
october 2009
Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP
"open command prompt here" context menu on folder is useful for running a script in that folder when the window is required to remain open on completion - useful for debugging
software  tool  technology  free  download  computer  windows  utility  productivity  microsoft  freeware  xp  windowsxp  extension  explorer  command  prompt  directory  folder  integration  addon 
october 2009
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