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developer Fusion - ASP.NET, C# Programming, VB.NET, .NET Framework, Java and Visual Basic Tutorials
What's interesting about this site is that it somehow gets your locale information and offers user community postings from that region
articles  asp  blog  c#  community  database  dev  developer  development  dotnet  java  php  programming  software  technology  vb  web  webdev  howto  region  local  locale  geographic 
march 2010
Can I transfer my CorePlayer Mobile license to a new device?
No you can't - is the official answer. Even if you don't use the old device you'll still have to buy it again each time you get a new device. But does that just apply to a new, different model, or a new model of the same as before too.
transfer  coreplayer  mobile  license  new  device  question  media  player  app  application  software  purchase  answer  download  policy 
march 2010
BBC News - Take That star Mark Owen sorry for affairs
How serious was he about her when he had the affairs while they weren't married? Was he engaged to her or was it at the earlier stages? Does that make it OK?
relationships  reallife  reality 
march 2010
How do I return multiple variables from a subroutine?
my ( $hashRef1, $hashRef2 ) = function1();

function2( $hashRef1, $hashRef2 );

sub function1
my %hash1 = ();
my %hash2 = ();
# ... some code ...
return( \%hash1, \%hash2 );

sub function2
my ( $paramHashRef1, $paramHashRef2 ) = @_;

# ... deref by %$paramHashRef1 and %$paramHashRef2 etc

perl  hash  return  argument  parameter  between  returning  function  multiple  subroutine  programming  language  computing  syntax  method  howto  advice  work  reference  dereference  passby 
march 2010
Browse TortoiseSVN Files on
Use this page to get the correct TortoiseSVN SVN Client version that is paired (i.e. is compatible with) the version of the Subversion installation on your machine/server.
svn  client  subversion  download  release  earlier  older  pairing  pair  version  control  versioncontrol  revision  revisioncontrol  software  tool  programming  development  windows  explorer  integration  microsoft  gui  compatibility  work 
march 2010
Software versioning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I like this approach, as drupal uses it and it is quite clear: "major and minor numbers, along with an alphanumeric string denoting the release type, i.e. "alpha", "beta" or "release candidate". A release train using this approach might look like 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9 == 1.0b1, 1.0b2 (with some fixes), 1.0b3 (with more fixes) == 1.0rc1 (which, if it is stable enough) == 1.0. If 1.0rc1 turns out to have bugs which must be fixed, it turns into 1.0rc2, and so on. The important characteristic of this approach is that the first version of a given level (beta, RC, production) must be identical to the last version of the release below it: you cannot make any changes at all from the last beta to the first RC, or from the last RC to production. If you do, you must roll out another release at that lower level."
software  versioning  version  release  numbering  number  computing  development  convention  howto  programming  reference  issue  versioncontrol  control  deployment  system 
march 2010
"The import data is not valid import text." - Google Search
when i enabled the france24 modules for the first time i got this but reloading the admin/modules page it went away
drupal  problem  france24  fix 
march 2010
"Cannot redeclare aef_externodes_get_current_revision_id()" - Google Search
no google searches showed up for this "Cannot redeclare aef_externodes_get_current_revision_id()" - I commented out the shorter of the 2 functions by the same name, thinking that the one with the more code was the one to use. I'll find out if im correct when i try out the modules
drupal  france24  aef  newspaper  fix  error  redeclare  workaround  module 
march 2010
MySql : " Warning: MySQL server has gone away " - Tune MySql to resolve this problem |
another possible solution but i didnt need to try it - disable "update status" module worked for me
config  database  drupal  error  hosting  host  optimization  performance  troubleshooting  tuning  cron 
march 2010
MYSQL Server has gone away query |
Disable Update Status Module advice here worked for me.
drupal  fix  mysql  query  sql  troubleshooting 
march 2010
jQuery UI |
to get this module working you need to also download and unzip the contents into a subfolder off of the module called jquery.ui as explained in
drupal  jquery-ui  jqueryui  js  drupal-jquery  ajax  jquery  module  ui 
march 2010
Content multigroup for CCK2 - Drupal Module Reviews and Ratings
needed for france24 newspaper drupal modules - but not listed in
drupal  content_multigroup  module 
march 2010
The myth of Britain's manufacturing decline The Register
In the UK we increasingly make high-value, low volume products. In the far east, they tend to make low-value high volume goods. In other words we make complex products sold to businesses for a lot of money while the far east makes mass produced consumer goods where a little bit of money is made on each.
uk  trend  economy  economics  manufacturing 
february 2010
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