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How to reload/restart php7.0-fpm / php5.0-fpm service – nixCraft
for php 5.6:
- sudo service php5.6-fpm restart
- sudo service apache2 restart

(needed after adjusting xdebug settings, e.g. xdebug.remote_autostart=1 )
php  restart  fpm  web  dev  computing  cms  howto  5.6  php5.6  php7.0  process  service  command 
august 2017
L'amour est bleu - Wikipedia
picnic at hanging rock tape music
music  reference  song  tune 
july 2017
Making an Alias from a read-only location | Official Apple Support Communities
hold down the "command" (⌘) and "Option" (⌥) keys, click on the item of interest, and drag it to the "Desktop"
alias  mac  readonly  elsewhere  shortcut  macos  macosx  apple  howto 
july 2017
Convert to PDF - Need to install ebook-convert from Calibre · Issue #333 · GitbookIO/gitbook
this path works: ln -s /Applications/ /usr/local/bin
gitbook  git  tool  pdf  calibre  path  settings  commandline  terminal  computing  documentation  howto 
july 2017
Radio 1: Why is the station struggling to find new DJs? - BBC News
because they aren't relevant anymore. spotify, apple music and niche radio stations, other national bbc stations reflect a diverse audience
june 2017
Documentation: How to filter events between two dates [#2301019] |
Documentation: How to filter events between two dates

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june 2017
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