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PHP: DateTime::createFromFormat - Manual
including how to ignore characters, e.g. \0 and ignore remainder of string using + (plus)
php  guide  datetime  reference  date  time  example  timezone  ignore  computing  dev  web 
november 2016 by therobyouknow
7 - Using Rules to Schedule Publishing/Unpublishing of Content - Drupal Answers
not sure if rules is the ideal solution, scheduler is more focused on this requirement
schedule  publishing  period  date  range  drupal  module  web  dev  computing 
june 2013 by therobyouknow
Answer: Convert month name to number
%mon2num = qw(
jan 1 feb 2 mar 3 apr 4 may 5 jun 6
jul 7 aug 8 sep 9 oct 10 nov 11 dec 12

print $mon2num{ lc substr($month, 0, 3) };
perl  convert  name  number  month  date  computing  howto 
january 2010 by therobyouknow

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