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Pathologic |
one application of the module is for remapping old previous, obsolete URLs to new URLs
migrate  transform  repurpose  path  pathologic  drupal  computing  work  module  web  dev  cms 
june 2013 by therobyouknow
"The file could not be created" |
check the tmp folder is created. On a WAMP/LAMP/MAMP localhost server development environment, the preceding / may represent a different path on the machine - which will cause this error, a) because that path may not exist and b) higher permissions than the WAMP/LAMP/MAMP processes. Solution in admin/config settings in drupal, in file system section: remove the preceding / to use tmp not /tmp.
setup  path  setting  file  temporary  tmp  drupal 
july 2012 by therobyouknow
Controlling how folders are monitored : Managing Picasa Settings - Picasa Help
"Picasa scans your computer to find folders containing compatible photo file types, and then displays photos from these folders. The photos stay in their original folder locations. You can use the Folder Manager to control the folder locations on your hard drive that the Picasa monitors."
picasa  location  path  directory  folder  file  photography  photo  picture  image  tool  app  google  software  program  official 
march 2011 by therobyouknow
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