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BBC - iPlayer Radio
HD sound means High Definition sound.

We are now delivering the sampled 'HD' sound at a rate of 320 kb/s (AAC), which delivers more audio information and results in better sound, compared to the previous rate of 192 kb/s.
hdsound  hd  sound  bbc  specification  definition  aac  audio  computing  streaming  stream  internet  radio  iplayer  help  faq 
march 2015 by therobyouknow
Universal Audio/Video Format Transcoder
Converts between many popular proprietary, open source, free audio and video file formats
aac  wma  mp4  mp3  audio  avi  batch  codec  convert  converter  decode  download  encode  format  free  open  opensource  ogg  freeware  multimedia  portable  software  sound  video  universal  standard  sourceforge  source  windows  file  multi 
august 2007 by therobyouknow
Nokia | Nseries | N80
n80 mobile phone. Nokia are starting to use SD cards SD SSSSSSSS DDDDDDDDD SD rules!!!!! Not w*nky dated MMC mmmcccc that no other device uses that they were so hung up on
nokia  aac  music  symbian 
december 2005 by therobyouknow

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