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Komodo Licence Uninstall (windows) | ActiveState Community Site
a12-macmini-02:Application Support rdavis$ pwd
/Users/rdavis/Library/Application Support
a12-macmini-02:Application Support rdavis$ ls
ActiveState Google Oracle SyncServices
AddressBook IntelliJIdea13 Preview TextWrangler
Adobe Komodo IDE Sequel Pro Ubiquity
Console KomodoIDE Skype
CrashReporter Microsoft SourceTree
Dock Mozilla Spotify
Firefox NetBeans Sublime Text 2
GIMP NotificationCenter SuperDuper!
a12-macmini-02:Application Support rdavis$ rm -Rf ActiveState
a12-macmini-02:Application Support rdavis$
komodo  activestate  license  removal  remove  computing  dev  howto  uninstall 
april 2014 by therobyouknow
Talend community forum / Debugger not working - PadWalker and Perl installation issue -
This method for updating your ActivePerl installation with PadWalker actually works
- make sure you have a connection to the internet
- open a DOS box
- type: ppm install PadWalker
- the system will install the relevant file(s)
programming  computing  perl  language  software  install  package  manager  ppm  activestate  update  library  howto  command  line  console  windows  dos  padwalker  variable  inspect  debug  eclipse  epic  solution  ide 
january 2009 by therobyouknow
BdP - PPM Repository
these instructions down work (for me) - command console version of ppm does however - see my other bookmarks
perl  padwalker  repository  modules  win32  activeperl  activestate  ppm  howto  programming  development  code  windows  documentation 
january 2009 by therobyouknow

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