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BBC News - Young more lonely than the old, UK survey suggests
"the decline of community and a growing focus on work."... "young people we tell us that talking to hundreds of people on social networks is not like having a real relationship and when they are using these sites they are often alone in their bedrooms." ..."Economic changes that disrupt people's work-life balance & family life, & send people 100s of miles for work, can get worse during recession. Openness about being lonely, & vulnerable friends & neighbours, is an important first step." "... too much time communicating with friends & families online when should see them in person." ... "Manhattan in NYC has 50% lone households, more than elsewhere in the US, yet its 'urban village' model sustains social networks - people habitually use alternative meeting places, incl. cafes & public spaces,." ""According to evolutionary psychology, cities could in fact be our perfect environment because of the demands they make on our complex social brains, but only if they are well designed."
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