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Cello Electronics launches UK's first PVR TV that uses SD cards in place of hard drive
Another company is seeing the sense in a quiet, solid state, removable portable storage medium for directly recording Freeview programmes onto.
freeview  sd  card  sdcard  recording  tv  dvb-t  dvb  digital  video  broadcasting  personal  recorder  pvr  programme  record  storage  removable  memory  flash  television  terrestrial  builtin  built-in  standalone  consumer  nonpc  non-pc  electronics  quiet 
december 2009 by therobyouknow
Innovative street youth music yet commercially viable so it seems; going strong after 20 years
music  radio  broadcasting  london  culture  youth 
january 2006 by therobyouknow - The I.T Crowd
new tv series about i.t. helpdesk workers. depressingly stereotypical and does nothing for my career esteem. it appears to say: "no good looking people work in it. they all work in something else: marketing, media, tv, law, finance..." is this true? is i
broadcasting  comedy  trend  fiction  stereotype  programme  it  geek 
january 2006 by therobyouknow

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