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How Do I Restart MySQL Server?
Needed if you have changed my.cnf to pick-up/re-read changes
admin  centos  command  commandline  database  howto  linux  mysqld  mysql  restart  server  start  tutorial  my.cnf  computing  work 
july 2010 by therobyouknow - Forums - CentOS 4 - Server Support - PHP fails to connect to mysql socket.
Possible cure for: PHP fails to connect to mysql socket (BUT see my other bookmarks for solutions ( /php+error /mysql+error ). Edit at /etc/my.cnf
php  fail  connect  mysql  socket  error  message  suggestion  computing  my.cnf  linux  centos 
july 2010 by therobyouknow
HowTos/PHP 5.1 To 5.2 - CentOS Wiki
Cure for: "php 5.2+ is required" message.

And also suggests some new things for php-xml, php-common dependency issue. My php-common is newer than the one that php-xml requires.
extension  webdev  package  install  php  administration  centos  howto  install  linux  official  os  php  repository  rpm  sysadmin  tutorial  upgrade  version  work  error  message  computing  php5.2  yum  php5  php5.1 
july 2010 by therobyouknow
Yet another blog: How to install MySql in CentOS 5.3 from shell or webmin
Cure for error: 'Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock'. This works for setting up mysql properly on CentOS
linux  mysql  php  centos  solution  error  connect  server  sock  socket  problem  solved  howto  computing  database  sql  setup  configuration  command  tip  install  re-install  remove  upgrade  update  computer 
july 2010 by therobyouknow

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