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Excel VBA Basic Tutorial 2
Very nice tutorials and explanations: annotated diagrams and screenshots relating to the code
basic  cell  code  coding  data  dev  excel  macro  microsoft  office  programming  reference  tutorial  vb  vba  visualbasic  work  excelvba  visual  howto  computing  annotated  diagram  screenshot 
march 2010 by therobyouknow
How to extract a directory and filename from a path in a string, Perl Regular Expressions - Kewl Splitpath One Liner Regex
Kewl Splitpath One Liner Regex

Check out this splitpath command:
my($text) = "/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0";
my($directory, $filename) = $text =~ m/(.*\/)(.*)$/;
print "D=$directory, F=$filename\n";
regular  regexp  regex  expression  regularexpression  match  matching  howto  programming  software  reference  development  perl  linux  tutorial  search  code  computing  coding  scripting  tip  path  directory  find  extract  filename  parse 
january 2010 by therobyouknow
Perl Regular Expressions
One of the best guides: concise, comprehensive, friendly, useful illustrative examples.
regular  expression  guide  documentation  coding  programming  howto  reference  development  perl  software  tutorial  scripting  regex  definition  computing  work 
november 2009 by therobyouknow
MinGW | Minimalist GNU for Windows
Build true Microsoft Windows Applications (Win32-based) using this free open source alternative to Microsoft Visual C/C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
mingw  c/c++  compiler  tool  development  opensource  windows  library  coding  c++  c  gnu  programming  software  free  dev  visual  alternative  open  source 
november 2009 by therobyouknow
Stack Overflow
Consistently good free How To guide for all things web, languages, computing in general. An oracle in the original sense.
technology  reference  forum  advice  software  programming  social  development  community  help  question  learning  answer  solution  computing  work  howto  good  consistent  oracle  web  webdev  perl  dev  coding  faq  tip  free 
november 2009 by therobyouknow

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