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BBC News - Underground overground: Take a journey through languages spoken above London's Victoria Line
Hurtling deep underground in a Tube train, it can be hard to picture the streets overhead, and harder still to learn much about their eight million inhabitants. But London is one of the most linguistically interesting cities in the world, with more than 100 languages in use across the city.
One way to get a taste for this rich diversity of languages would be to jump on London Underground's Victoria Line and surface at various stations along the way. The line runs north to south for 13 miles (21km), passing through rich and poor parts of town and beneath migrant communities new and old.
language  portuguese  victorialine  french  arabic  bengali  turkish  polish  underground  culture  community  london  uk  article  bbcnews 
december 2015 by therobyouknow
Drupal 7 Template (Theme Hook) Suggestions |
file you'd use for your content type - it would be comment-wrapper--node-[type].tpl.php where [type] is the name of your content type. Examples: if your content type is called question, then the file would be comment-wrapper--node-question.tpl.php. If your content type is called Resource Article (note the space!) then the file would be: comment-wrapper--node-resource_article.tpl.php - note the space is replaced with an underscore _ Works for me, based on official documentation
comment  wrapper  template  theme  hook  content  type  contenttype  specific  official  community  documentation  drupal  computing  tpl  web  dev  cms 
september 2013 by therobyouknow
BBC News - The dark side of silence
"what makes it bearable for them is that their soundscape is something generated by - and so something owned by - everyone." "these days noise is more unequally distributed. And that's where the trouble starts." "The lesson from history, it seems, is this - when it comes to noise, be careful what you wish for."
silence  sound  noise  audio  environment  article  magazine  bbc  society  trend  protest  industrial  campaign  voice  community  social  quote 
march 2013 by therobyouknow
BBC News - Young more lonely than the old, UK survey suggests
"the decline of community and a growing focus on work."... "young people we tell us that talking to hundreds of people on social networks is not like having a real relationship and when they are using these sites they are often alone in their bedrooms." ..."Economic changes that disrupt people's work-life balance & family life, & send people 100s of miles for work, can get worse during recession. Openness about being lonely, & vulnerable friends & neighbours, is an important first step." "... too much time communicating with friends & families online when should see them in person." ... "Manhattan in NYC has 50% lone households, more than elsewhere in the US, yet its 'urban village' model sustains social networks - people habitually use alternative meeting places, incl. cafes & public spaces,." ""According to evolutionary psychology, cities could in fact be our perfect environment because of the demands they make on our complex social brains, but only if they are well designed."
article  bbc  behaviour  community  connected  generation  news  psychology  social  technology  youth  isolation  loneliness  lonely  people  impact 
may 2010 by therobyouknow
Cultural Co-operation
Cultural Co-operation, an arts and education charity, promoting cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. On resonancefm.
art  arts  charity  community  culture  diversity  education  humanity  organisation  uk  diaspora  england  europe  london  radio  heardon 
may 2010 by therobyouknow
developer Fusion - ASP.NET, C# Programming, VB.NET, .NET Framework, Java and Visual Basic Tutorials
What's interesting about this site is that it somehow gets your locale information and offers user community postings from that region
articles  asp  blog  c#  community  database  dev  developer  development  dotnet  java  php  programming  software  technology  vb  web  webdev  howto  region  local  locale  geographic 
march 2010 by therobyouknow
Stack Overflow
Consistently good free How To guide for all things web, languages, computing in general. An oracle in the original sense.
technology  reference  forum  advice  software  programming  social  development  community  help  question  learning  answer  solution  computing  work  howto  good  consistent  oracle  web  webdev  perl  dev  coding  faq  tip  free 
november 2009 by therobyouknow
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