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Adding PHP Extensions using Docker Compose - Stack Overflow
dockerfile: extensions

This seems to almost explain the relatinship between docker-compose and dockerfile
dockerfile  docker-compose  docker  compose  relationship  structure  computing  dev 
june 2018 by therobyouknow
Docker Compose vs. Dockerfile - which is better? - Stack Overflow
good explantory accepted answer. other answers also good - explaining about having dockerfile per component and then using docker compose to build the entire app.

also explains that different deployment platforms can build the app from the dockerfiles in different ways as required.
docker  compose  dockerfile  computing  deployment  platform  dockercompose  configurationmanagement 
may 2018 by therobyouknow
nginx - Multiple Websites and PHP Versions with Docker-Compose - Stack Overflow
but containers all seem to be defined in one file - I'd rather go with the approach of defining a Dockerfile per container and using compose to co-ordinate building them
docker  computing  compose 
may 2018 by therobyouknow

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