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BBC News - Underground overground: Take a journey through languages spoken above London's Victoria Line
Hurtling deep underground in a Tube train, it can be hard to picture the streets overhead, and harder still to learn much about their eight million inhabitants. But London is one of the most linguistically interesting cities in the world, with more than 100 languages in use across the city.
One way to get a taste for this rich diversity of languages would be to jump on London Underground's Victoria Line and surface at various stations along the way. The line runs north to south for 13 miles (21km), passing through rich and poor parts of town and beneath migrant communities new and old.
language  portuguese  victorialine  french  arabic  bengali  turkish  polish  underground  culture  community  london  uk  article  bbcnews 
december 2015 by therobyouknow
[no title]
n UK culture an engineering, applied science and technological education tended to be looked down upon socially. Industries and activities such as "manufacturing" and "engineering" were perceived to be things of the past, boring and "dirty".
polytechnic  perception  engineering  culture  uk 
september 2015 by therobyouknow
BBC - Culture
ideas for IA information architecture structure: menu categories and articles  culture  news  bbcworldwide  international  magazine  section  IA  informationarchitecture  web  example  structure  taxonomy  categories  category  menu  navigation  computing  dev 
may 2015 by therobyouknow
AEI Media
home of:
this is dubstep
drum and bass arena
get darker
media  publisher  urban  street  youth  culture  web  work  jobs 
may 2013 by therobyouknow
About us | Nerve Centre
Example Drupal website of a live events news site, from Northern Ireland.
website  northernireland  entertainment  music  live  event  culture  example  drupal 
september 2012 by therobyouknow
Cultural Co-operation
Cultural Co-operation, an arts and education charity, promoting cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. On resonancefm.
art  arts  charity  community  culture  diversity  education  humanity  organisation  uk  diaspora  england  europe  london  radio  heardon 
may 2010 by therobyouknow
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