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Mastering Algorithms with C - O'Reilly Media
Product DetailsTitle:Mastering Algorithms with CBy:Kyle LoudonPublisher:O'Reilly MediaFormats:Print Ebook Safari Books OnlinePrint:August 1999Ebook:February 2009Pages:560Print ISBN:978-1-56592-453-6 | ISBN 10:1-56592-453-3Ebook ISBN:978-0-596-10343-9 | ISBN 10:0-596-10343-3
programming  book  c  language  oreilly  pocketprogramming  computerscience  bsc  university  portsmouthuniversity  portsmouth  computing  year2  2ndyear  secondyear  second  year  degree  course  sypr  systemsprogramming  study  own  ebook  pdf  algorithm  datastructure  prse  programmingsoftwareengineering 
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