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Mountain Duck
mounts remote cloud services as drive. can install many times on different machines as long as you are the only user.
ftp  mac  app  storage  mount  drive  finder  paid  purchase  license  explorer  windows  apple  microsoft  program  application  software  computing  cloud 
december 2018 by therobyouknow
Storing Application Data  |  Drive API for Android  |  Google Developers
android apps can store data on google drive which is deliberately not visible via the folder structure or by other apps
appdata  application  data  hidden  drive  driveapi  android  cloud  googledrive  google  computing  storage  workspace  housekeeping  private 
september 2015 by therobyouknow
Some of My folders wont show up in the Google Drive Android App. How do I get them to appear?
I've just opened Google Drive on the browser, Right-Clicked the folders that were not showing and selected "mark as unread" and after that I just refreshed on Android and it showed ;D
Hope it helps
android  app  drive  googledrive  google  sync  display  visible  refresh  unread  mark  solution  pc  howto  all  select  computing  file  folder  filingsystem  cloud  storage 
march 2013 by therobyouknow
EMBASSY Security Center | Wave Systems Corp.
I want to make use of my Samsung SSD 840 Pro Full disk encryption/self-encrypting drive security features with my laptop - I would like to set a password so that should the laptop get stolen, no-one else can extract the data from the laptop even if they remove the Samsung SSD 840 Pro and try to extract data from it. I am ready to purchase the Embassy Security Center software at:;=en_US&SiteID;=wavesys&id;=ShoppingCartPage b
computing  application  solution  software  harddisk  hdd  encrypt  encrypting  encryption  selfencrypting  self-encrypting  sed  tpm  privacy  harddrive  drive  ssd  centre  center  security  embassy 
november 2012 by therobyouknow
Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS (Lucid Lynx)
Location of Alternate install CD ISO image Download. This alternate CD provides advanced install options not available in the usual LiveCD.
alternate  install  cd  10.04  download  linux  opensource  ubuntu  lucid  iso  image  cd-rom  cdrom  computing  os  operatingsystem  grub  grub2  settings  setup  configuraton  advanced  custom  flexible  automation  automate  deployment  partition  boot  multi-boot  encryption  truecrypt  multi  drive  harddisk  disk 
september 2010 by therobyouknow

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