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Wake Up Music on Bretagne - bfenthusiasts | Forums
Incidentally, if anyone likes the music it's Waltz 2 by Dimitri Shostakovich. e.g. from Jazz Suite / Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra: "Dimitri Shostakovich".
e.g.: video clip with the music here:

For example, it has been used as the wake up music on Britanny Ferries crossing from Portsmouth UK to Caen in France, in 2006, would appear to have been centrally controlled - you can't turn it off.

I remember it so well, in 2006, when I used to work at Philips Semiconductors in Southampton (now NXP) and would visit colleagues in Caen to work on Digital TV Set-top boxes, taking the overnight crossing from Portsmouth.
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Downloads - tesseract-ocr - Project Hosting on Google Code
For the basic english generic character set to get Tesseract up and running and recognising your bitmapped text into ascii text, use tesseract-2.00.eng.tar.gz (current version at time of writing is: "English language data for Tesseract (2.00 and up) Jul 2007 989 KB 84845")
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