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CodeIgniter, ExpressionEngine and the Worlds of Web Development :
nice fluid shrink-to-fit site which exploits the movement of page elements as the window is resized by the use of layers/stacks css-z-index so that page elements overlap appear on underneath others
idea  design  visualdesign  computing  underneath  overlap  stack  zindex  z  css-z-index  z-index  layers  shrink-to-fit  fluid  code  expressionengine  webdev  development  webdesign  framework  programming  blog  php  codeigniter 
january 2012 by therobyouknow
Perl OO Programming: The Moose is Flying (part 1) (Jun 07)
One of several add-ons out there that extend the Perl programming language to make it quicker and simpler to develop Object Oriented software. Download at:
article  howto  programming  development  perl  tutorial  framework  object  objectoriented  oo  moose  oop  computing  work  technology  language  addon  add-on  extension 
november 2009 by therobyouknow
Google Web Toolkit - Google Code
Includes web-UI building block libraries,Java to JavaScript compiler to provide Desktop-like browser-based AJAX-based applications and IDE plugins to automate in a visual programming environment e.g. for Eclipse. An opportunity for Java-only programmers to add to their skillset and move into JavaScript.
ajax  google  api  framework  webdev  dev  toolkit  opensource  design  internet  code  library  css  html  tool  web  reference  java  development  programming  gwt  dhtml  javascript  webdesign  software  free  desktop  window  widget  transition  migrate  skill  skillset  augment  convert  compile  crosscompile  eclipse  ide  integrated  environment  plugin  ui  ux  interface  user  computing  work  career  automate 
october 2009 by therobyouknow
Catalyst - Web Framework
A set of libraries that provide a framework - a set of common code - for developing web applications using Perl
architecture  framework  library  perl  mvc  model  view  controller  design  software  object  web  opensource  development  programming  server  free  reuse  code  download 
august 2007 by therobyouknow

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