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Mountain Duck
mounts remote cloud services as drive. can install many times on different machines as long as you are the only user.
ftp  mac  app  storage  mount  drive  finder  paid  purchase  license  explorer  windows  apple  microsoft  program  application  software  computing  cloud 
december 2018 by therobyouknow
Installing an FTP server under Ubuntu
enabling users to have ftp, turning off anonymous
vsftpd  ftp  server  linux  ubuntu  computing  install  setup  howto 
february 2013 by therobyouknow
Acorn RISC OS Mouse Emulator via keyboard
Control WIMP mouse pointer via keyboard (useful if don't have Acorn mouse)
computer  tool  utility  mouse  emulator  keyboard  acorn  riscos  risc  os  riscpc  pc  wimp  pointer  control  subsitute  alternative  workaround  software  free  download  ftp 
september 2008 by therobyouknow

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