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Git workflow for managing Drupal 8 configuration | Nuvole
nothing said about the hash suffix in the config folder filename!
drupal8  drupal  8  workflow  hash  config  folder  directory  web  dev  cms  computing  git 
june 2015 by therobyouknow
How to replace a Perl hash key? - Stack Overflow
Create a new key (with a copy of the associated value from the original key), then delete the old key.
perl  programming  replace  hash  key  howto  computing  work 
september 2010 by therobyouknow
How do I return multiple variables from a subroutine?
my ( $hashRef1, $hashRef2 ) = function1();

function2( $hashRef1, $hashRef2 );

sub function1
my %hash1 = ();
my %hash2 = ();
# ... some code ...
return( \%hash1, \%hash2 );

sub function2
my ( $paramHashRef1, $paramHashRef2 ) = @_;

# ... deref by %$paramHashRef1 and %$paramHashRef2 etc

perl  hash  return  argument  parameter  between  returning  function  multiple  subroutine  programming  language  computing  syntax  method  howto  advice  work  reference  dereference  passby 
march 2010 by therobyouknow

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