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Enolsoft CHM to EPUB for Mac
Batch Convert CHM Files to EPUB on Mac
You are able to drag and drop multiple CHM documents to Enolsoft CHM to EPUB for Mac for batch conversion. Saves much time for your CHM to EPUB conversion on Mac.

Can saves target files in original folder.
target  location  format  file  fileformat  computing  apple  mac  draganddrop  folder  insitu  inplace  converter  convert  book  ebook  epub  chm 
february 2012 by therobyouknow
How do I check whether a perl module is installed? - Stack Overflow
How do I check whether a perl module is installed WITHIN the perl code itself. There are many solutions for checking at the command line. But on some occasions you may want to check WITHIN the code itself. For example as a preliminary installation checklist script.
perl  module  install  check  within  insitu  programming  computing  work  preliminary  installation  checklist  script  inside  code  howto  presence  available  detect  dependency 
november 2009 by therobyouknow

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