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Selecting the JDK version the IDE will run under – IntelliJ Platform-based IDEs Support
doesn't cover previous version and location of path on those but handy for latest
osx  intellij  phpstorm  java  jdk  computing  dev 
january 2017 by therobyouknow
How To Always Run Programs As Administrator In Windows 7
If you want to keep Java up-to-date without annoying pop up - it will still ask to let the install take place.
howto  settings  microsoft  windows  windows7  computing  privileges  admin  sysadmin  security  patch  update  java  jucheck.exe 
october 2012 by therobyouknow
developer Fusion - ASP.NET, C# Programming, VB.NET, .NET Framework, Java and Visual Basic Tutorials
What's interesting about this site is that it somehow gets your locale information and offers user community postings from that region
articles  asp  blog  c#  community  database  dev  developer  development  dotnet  java  php  programming  software  technology  vb  web  webdev  howto  region  local  locale  geographic 
march 2010 by therobyouknow
Great Java - O'Reilly Media
A learning opportunity for colleagues who don't yet know Java.
programming  media  java  video  tutorial  training  teaching  oreilly  example  work  development 
november 2009 by therobyouknow
Google Web Toolkit - Google Code
Includes web-UI building block libraries,Java to JavaScript compiler to provide Desktop-like browser-based AJAX-based applications and IDE plugins to automate in a visual programming environment e.g. for Eclipse. An opportunity for Java-only programmers to add to their skillset and move into JavaScript.
ajax  google  api  framework  webdev  dev  toolkit  opensource  design  internet  code  library  css  html  tool  web  reference  java  development  programming  gwt  dhtml  javascript  webdesign  software  free  desktop  window  widget  transition  migrate  skill  skillset  augment  convert  compile  crosscompile  eclipse  ide  integrated  environment  plugin  ui  ux  interface  user  computing  work  career  automate 
october 2009 by therobyouknow
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