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Composer: It’s All About the Lock File
Install or Update?

People often get confused as to whether they should install or update. Once you start to think about them as acting upon the lock file instead of the dependencies, things become much easier to think about.

Running composer install will:
- Check if a composer.lock exists
- If not, perform a composer update to create one
- If composer.lock exists, install the specified versions from the lock file

Running composer update will:
- Check composer.json
- Determine the latest versions to install based on your version specs
- Install the latest versions
- Update composer.lock to reflect the latest versions installed
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april 2017 by therobyouknow
Nokia Support Discussions - N82 Lock Code - Nokia Support Discussions
12345 by default - if you want to reset by*#7370# to restore to factory settings
n82  nokia  mobile  phone  electronics  lock  code  lockcode  default  howto  question  forum  support  discussion 
june 2010 by therobyouknow

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