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mac - In MacOS X is there a way to create a shortcut to a folder on a readonly drive? - Super User
how to create shortcut without adding to same place where item is located. Hold down Command + Option then drag from item to location where shortcut is required to be created.
shortcut  computing  macos  macosx  apple  mac  osx  howto  create  readonly 
february 2017 by therobyouknow
Selecting the JDK version the IDE will run under – IntelliJ Platform-based IDEs Support
doesn't cover previous version and location of path on those but handy for latest
osx  intellij  phpstorm  java  jdk  computing  dev 
january 2017 by therobyouknow
Mac App Store - VOX
nice looking app, simple, could be better at recognising cover art and more precision over formats is can play
audio  media  player  app  application  mac  macos  macosx  osx  apple  music  sound 
april 2015 by therobyouknow
Password Protect Zip Files in Mac OS X
zip -er [archive] [folder]
zip -e [archive] [file]
then asked for password and confirm
mac  osx  password  tips  zip  howto  encrypted  computing  archive  compress  tool  utility  built-in 
september 2014 by therobyouknow
Installing Puppet — Documentation — Puppet Labs
sudo puppet resource user puppet ensure=present gid=puppet shell='/sbin/nologin'
macos  macosx  osx  apple  mac  puppet  install  download  computing  web  dev  drupaldev-nginx 
march 2014 by therobyouknow
How to use public/private keys for SSH and SFTP - Mac OS X : Krystal Hosting Support
crucial step - associate the private key file with the login ssh -i .ssh/john
then ssh thereafter
ssh  public  private  howto  computing  login  security  How  to  use  keys  for  SFTP  MacOSX  macos  osx  apple  hosting  server 
july 2013 by therobyouknow
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