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Open Layers - Zoom and center to specific place on Map | Drupal Groups
Eureka! "You can simply add lat/lon fields to nodes with CCK, and create an OpenLayers Data display that gets the node id from a URL segment. This way you don't need to have a taxonomy term per node. If you set zoom to feature / zoom to layer behaviors on the map preset and set the default map style to be transparent, then it's the same as just zooming to a location."
mapping  maps  openlayers  specific  argument  arguments  parameter  parameters  computing  drupal  web  dev  cms 
july 2013 by therobyouknow
Contextual filters: Taxonomy filter validation using multiple term names [#1248300] | Drupal
#1396622: Taxonomy term contextual filters use OR instead of AND; matching multiple terms is not possible
views  taxonomy  tag  tagging  multiple  parameters  parameter  arguments  argument  computing  dev  cms  web  drupal  bug 
july 2013 by therobyouknow
How do I return multiple variables from a subroutine?
my ( $hashRef1, $hashRef2 ) = function1();

function2( $hashRef1, $hashRef2 );

sub function1
my %hash1 = ();
my %hash2 = ();
# ... some code ...
return( \%hash1, \%hash2 );

sub function2
my ( $paramHashRef1, $paramHashRef2 ) = @_;

# ... deref by %$paramHashRef1 and %$paramHashRef2 etc

perl  hash  return  argument  parameter  between  returning  function  multiple  subroutine  programming  language  computing  syntax  method  howto  advice  work  reference  dereference  passby 
march 2010 by therobyouknow
Perl's IO::Handle
how to handle perl file handles as parameters and pass them to subroutines functions
computing  programming  web  development  server  serverside  side  cgi  perl  cgibin  cgi-bin  function  file  handle  filehandle  parameter  passing  subroutine  solution  work 
august 2009 by therobyouknow
Download YouTube Videos as MP4 Files
download high quality 'HQ' version of youtube videos using an extra parameter in the URL
software  howto  tool  media  reference  internet  download  tutorial  video  convert  firefox  browser  film  google  hack  converter  mp4  youtube  flv  flash  highquality  high  quality  hq  format  configure  parameter  file  extract  music  audio  movie  original  computing  stream  web  content 
may 2009 by therobyouknow

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