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PROLOG Programming for Artificial Intelligence International Computer Science Series: Prof Ivan Bratko: Books
Paperback: 696 pagesPublisher: Addison Wesley; 4 edition (15 Jun 2011)Language EnglishISBN-10: 0321417461ISBN-13: 978-0321417466
prol  prolog  portsmouth  portsmouthuniversity 
april 2011 by therobyouknow
Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence, 3rd Ed.: Prof Ivan Bratko: Books
Paperback: 678 pagesPublisher: Addison Wesley; 3 edition (8 Aug 2000)Language EnglishISBN-10: 0201403757ISBN-13: 978-0201403756
prolog  prol  portsmouth  portsmouthuniversity 
april 2011 by therobyouknow
Learn Prolog Now!: Patrick Blackburn, Johan Bos, Kristina Striegnitz: Books
Product detailsPaperback: 284 pagesPublisher: College Publications (15 Jun 2006)Language EnglishISBN-10: 9781904987178ISBN-13: 978-1904987178ASIN: 1904987176
prol  prolog  university  portsmouth  portsmouthuniversity 
april 2011 by therobyouknow
Ada from the Beginning: Jan Skansholm: Books
Paperback: 630 pagesPublisher: Addison Wesley (14 July 1988)Language EnglishISBN-10: 0201175223ISBN-13: 978-0201175226
ada  programming  computing  university  portsmouth  portsmouthuniversity  language 
april 2011 by therobyouknow
Wirfs-Brock Associates Design Books
Object Design: Roles, Responsibilities, and CollaborationsRebecca Wirfs-Brock and Alan McKeanAddison-Wesley 2003ISBN 0201379430.
wirfs-brock  objectoriented  oo  ooad  portsmouthuniversity  portsmouth  university  finalyear  year4  fourthyear  yearfour  degree  course  study  book  keytext  readinglist  oopd  computing  software  softwareengineering  design  programming 
april 2011 by therobyouknow
Algorithms in a Nutshell - O'Reilly Media
Product DetailsTitle:Algorithms in a NutshellBy:George T. Heineman, Gary Pollice, Stanley SelkowPublisher:O'Reilly MediaFormats:Print Ebook Safari Books OnlinePrint:October 2008Ebook:June 2009Pages:368Print ISBN:978-0-596-51624-6 | ISBN 10:0-596-51624-XEbook ISBN:978-0-596-15651-0 | ISBN 10:0-596-15651-0
book  c  programming  pocketprogramming  computerscience  bsc  university  portsmouthuniversity  portsmouth  computing  year2  2ndyear  secondyear  second  year  degree  course  sypr  systemsprogramming  study  prse  programmingsoftwareengineering 
april 2011 by therobyouknow
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