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YouTube - Amd Heatsink Removal
Top tip said here: run the machine on heavy load, perhaps with low fan setting to soften the paste so it wont be stuck hard on the heatsink.
amd  heatsink  removal  remove  computing  computer  hardware  motherboard  video  howto  paste  thermal  tip  advice  electronics  cpu  processor 
january 2011 by therobyouknow
i5 vs i7: Compare Intel Products
Comparing the certain i5 and i7 models as likely used in the new April 2010 line up of Apple Mac Book Pros. From the table it would appear that the advantages of the i7 are not groundbreaking. Both specific i5s and i7s here are 2-core with the i7 simply having slightly faster bus speeds.
comparison  cpu  macbookpro  mac  apple  notebook  laptop  mobile  speed  performance  computing  electronics  hardware  processor  core  multi-core  multi  i7  i5  versus  myarticle 
april 2010 by therobyouknow

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