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composer install error under CentOS 6 · Issue #2098 · puphpet/puphpet · GitHub
==> default: Error: curl -sS | php returned 255 instead of one of [0]
==> default: Error: /Stage[main]/Composer/Exec[download_composer]/returns: change from notrun to 0 failed: curl -sS | php returned 255 instead of one of [0]
==> default: Notice: /Stage[main]/Composer/File[/usr/local/bin/composer]: Dependency Exec[download_composer] has failures: true
==> default: Warning: /Stage[main]/Composer/File[/usr/local/bin/composer]: Skipping because of failed dependencies

Only for info. I had this puphpet issue, after vagrant provision, this contained the solution:
(2nd solution is what I am using, according to my beyond compare with my current setup vs the original zip I downloaded from puphpet. I used beyond compare to remind me as I had forgotten how I had fixed it)

'wget': {
- $download_command = "wget -O composer.phar"
+ $download_command = "wget -qO- | ${composer::php_bin}"

if defined(File["${target_dir}/${composer_file}"]) == false {
exec { 'download_composer':
command => $download_command,
cwd => $tmp_path,
require => $download_require,
creates => "${tmp_path}/composer.phar",
logoutput => $logoutput,
environment => "COMPOSER_HOME={$composer_home}",

This is in puphpet/puppet/modules/composer/manifests/init.pp
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january 2016 by therobyouknow
ubuntu - Vagrant on Windows w/ Precise64 runs php very slowly - Stack Overflow
I've just come across this issue too.

Following on from ivanicus, it's related to the xdebug configuration. It appears that the request is hanging while xdebug is trying to connect to a remote debugging client. I have been able to resolve the issue by setting...

I have then set the xdebug.remote_host value to the IP of the host machine, you need to make sure your guest machine can connect to the host on the IP you set. This allows me to debug within PhpStorm still.

It doesnt look like you can currently set the xdebug.remote_connect_back option within the ini settings on so I had to manually alter it within the php.ini
Vagrant  Windows  Precise64  php  slow  performance  computing  vm  virtualisation  web  dev  setting  howto  remedy  solution  stackoverflow 
january 2014 by therobyouknow
Required by: Drupal (Fields pending deletion) - Unable to uninstall Fivestar. Required by Drupal (Fields Pending Deletion). [#1284358] | Drupal
Required by: Drupal (Fields pending deletion)

run cron, try again
remove module, run cron, put module back, disabling now possible
or edit sql
fields  pending  deletion  cron  drupal  module  computing  web  dev  remedy  problem  cms 
july 2013 by therobyouknow
Facebook Public Profile Not Visible? Here's How to Fix it!
Login to Facebook and edit your page.
Click on "Manage Permissions" in the left column.
Change the "Age Restrictions" setting to "Anyone (13+).
computing  webdev  remedy  solution  plugin  social  page  facebook  expose  visible  howto 
january 2012 by therobyouknow

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