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Komodo Licence Uninstall (windows) | ActiveState Community Site
a12-macmini-02:Application Support rdavis$ pwd
/Users/rdavis/Library/Application Support
a12-macmini-02:Application Support rdavis$ ls
ActiveState Google Oracle SyncServices
AddressBook IntelliJIdea13 Preview TextWrangler
Adobe Komodo IDE Sequel Pro Ubiquity
Console KomodoIDE Skype
CrashReporter Microsoft SourceTree
Dock Mozilla Spotify
Firefox NetBeans Sublime Text 2
GIMP NotificationCenter SuperDuper!
a12-macmini-02:Application Support rdavis$ rm -Rf ActiveState
a12-macmini-02:Application Support rdavis$
komodo  activestate  license  removal  remove  computing  dev  howto  uninstall 
april 2014 by therobyouknow
YouTube - Amd Heatsink Removal
Top tip said here: run the machine on heavy load, perhaps with low fan setting to soften the paste so it wont be stuck hard on the heatsink.
amd  heatsink  removal  remove  computing  computer  hardware  motherboard  video  howto  paste  thermal  tip  advice  electronics  cpu  processor 
january 2011 by therobyouknow
McAfee Virtual Technician
If the McAfee Program Removal tool (mcpr.exe) doesn't clean the machine ready for reinstallation of McAfee security then this tool may help by doing some additional cleaning tasks.
software  tool  computer  windows  utility  freeware  admin  remove  sysadmin  repair  antivirus  cleaner  reinstall  removal  uninstall  mcafee  computing  howto  mvt  virtual  technician  clean  troubleshoot 
november 2009 by therobyouknow

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