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Tunicate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
the common saying that the sea squirt "eats its own brain"
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december 2013 by therobyouknow
Swimming with sharks: is it ever safe? - Telegraph
Balanced article, concluding with the hookline: "In their element, they [sharks] are our superiors - and that is precisely why we are excited to see them." Not for me, personally. It wouldn't be an extraordinary thing to do if there weren't real dangers, no matter how unlikely. It would seem those who've experienced it both play down the risks and talk up the thrill of the danger simultaneously.
discussion  fish  predator  nature  hookline  quote  newspaper  article  danger  travel  holiday  thrillseeker  thrillseeking  thrill  swimming  recreation  sea  dive  diving  shark 
september 2012 by therobyouknow
Wake Up Music on Bretagne - bfenthusiasts | Forums
Incidentally, if anyone likes the music it's Waltz 2 by Dimitri Shostakovich. e.g. from Jazz Suite / Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra: "Dimitri Shostakovich".
e.g.: video clip with the music here:

For example, it has been used as the wake up music on Britanny Ferries crossing from Portsmouth UK to Caen in France, in 2006, would appear to have been centrally controlled - you can't turn it off.

I remember it so well, in 2006, when I used to work at Philips Semiconductors in Southampton (now NXP) and would visit colleagues in Caen to work on Digital TV Set-top boxes, taking the overnight crossing from Portsmouth.
shostakovich  jazz  suite  waltz2  part  6/8  six  6  music  classical  waking  wakeup  alarm  alarmcall  call  morning  early  boat  ferry  brittany  brittanyferries  france  caen  portsmouth  overnight  crossing  travel  pa  public  address  sea  english  channel  europe  waltz  work  philips  southampton  2006  stb  stb221 
may 2010 by therobyouknow

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