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ubuntu - Vagrant on Windows w/ Precise64 runs php very slowly - Stack Overflow
I've just come across this issue too.

Following on from ivanicus, it's related to the xdebug configuration. It appears that the request is hanging while xdebug is trying to connect to a remote debugging client. I have been able to resolve the issue by setting...

I have then set the xdebug.remote_host value to the IP of the host machine, you need to make sure your guest machine can connect to the host on the IP you set. This allows me to debug within PhpStorm still.

It doesnt look like you can currently set the xdebug.remote_connect_back option within the ini settings on so I had to manually alter it within the php.ini
Vagrant  Windows  Precise64  php  slow  performance  computing  vm  virtualisation  web  dev  setting  howto  remedy  solution  stackoverflow 
january 2014 by therobyouknow
ruby on rails - Mailcatcher not working in staging server - Stack Overflow
kew point: "By default mailcatcher only runs against the loopback interface (hence the address), so it will only be accessible from the machine it is running on." - use this for smtp module settings for drupal
mailcatcher  intercept  localhost  stackoverflow  solution  answer  computing  web  dev  setup  address  howto  smtp 
january 2014 by therobyouknow
Question/Answer |
looks like the best choice - recent active development - drupal 7 - with accepted answer, voting (via standard votingapi module). other features like specify a date for most voted answer to become accepted if no answer has not already been accepted. further strengths highlighted on
qa  qanda  question  stackoverflow  question_answer  module  stackexchange  quora  equivalent  answer  drupal  computing  web  dev  cms 
june 2013 by therobyouknow
Constituents of a good relational database design - Stack Overflow
Plain english discussion demonstrating theory in practical application, using examples. Good answers here.
database  design  computing  stackoverflow 
september 2010 by therobyouknow

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