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Designing Effective Database Systems: Rebecca M. Riordan: Books
Paperback: 384 pagesPublisher: Addison Wesley; 1 edition (10 Jan 2005)Language EnglishISBN-10: 0321290933ISBN-13: 978-0321290939
book  isad  syan  systemanalysis  analysis  system  database  db  design  normalisation  normalization  relational  computing  howto  university  portsmouthuniversity  portsmouth  degree  course  1styear  year1  firstyear  first  year  study  sql 
april 2011 by therobyouknow
Systems Analysis and Design: Alan Dennis, Barbara Haley Wixom: Books
Paperback: 576 pagesPublisher: John Wiley & Sons; 4th Edition edition (23 April 2009)ISBN-10: 0470400315ISBN-13: 978-0470400319
isad  syan  systemanalysis  computing  university  portsmouthuniversity  portsmouth  study  course  book  system  analysis  degree 
april 2011 by therobyouknow
Kustom PCs LED Extension Cable
a bunch of these can be used to extend any internal pc cable that is too short.
cable  extension  led  motherboard  header  system  frontpanel  solution  multiple  female-male  extend  pc  hardware  electronics  lead  internal  shop 
january 2011 by therobyouknow
Can I dual boot 32bit and 64bit Windows 7, and if I can how?
"Please note, you can only have 1 activated license, if you need to use both, you will need have both licensed separately, cannot use the same key. "
windows7  dual-boot  dualboot  dual  boot  32bit  64bit  license  key  licensekey  serialnumber  serial  number  activation  activate  answer  definitive  computing  question  microsoft  windows  os  operating  system  operatingsystem  multiple  software  purchase  rights  terms  eula  user  agreement  enduser  conditions  legal 
august 2010 by therobyouknow
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