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About us | Nerve Centre
Example Drupal website of a live events news site, from Northern Ireland.
website  northernireland  entertainment  music  live  event  culture  example  drupal 
september 2012 by therobyouknow
How can I set the pinned "Most Visited" urls on the new tab in Google Chrome? - Super User
How to clear the Most Visited Google Chrome jump list on the Windows 7 start menu. Just delete C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Top Sites
mostvisited  startmenu  start  menu  windows7  windows  7  seven  google  googlechrome  chrome  history  clear  recent  remove  delete  howto  topsites  site  website  visit  visited  jumplist  shortcut  computing  web  file 
may 2011 by therobyouknow
How to Choose Between Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress | joomla-blog | Compass Design
Very simple flow decision diagram. Drupal is the ultimate choice with a superset of functionality of Joomla and Wordpress. However Drupal can require considerable time to learn its sophisticated features that are used in some high-profile respected sites.
drupal  wordpress  joomla  vs  comparison  purpose  application  computing  cms  contentmanagement  contentmanagementsystems  web  website  decision  diagram 
november 2009 by therobyouknow
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