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therobyouknow : xpath   7 -- Parsing an XML Document with XPath
triggered me to understand how to use functions in xpath
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june 2008 by therobyouknow
edankert ... - XPath and Default Namespaces
If you want to access xml elements in a document you need to make sure that the tools you use are aware of the namespace defined for that document. This link shows how to do it. Use JDOMXPath not XPath -i.e: JDOMXPath jdomxpath = new JDOMXPath( "//edx:cd
xpath  xml  namespace  java  jdom  code  default  programming  xslt  ignore  shorthand  problem  context  solution  implementation  jdomxpath  simplenamespacecontext  edit  tutorial  howto  tip 
january 2008 by therobyouknow

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